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The deepest love - we’ll ever know…

just a moon in evening sky
a super moon that passes by
Luna’s bright and very near
on the birth of one held dear
look this way, she beckons all… 27 more words


ब्लु मून - Nilesh Gore

जुलै २०१५ मध्ये ‘ब्लु मून’ चा ‘योग ‘

हनिमून ऐकलय, सुपर मून ऐकलय आता हे ब्लु मून काय आहे…….?

well, ‘ब्लु मून’ म्हणजेच ‘निळा चंद्र’. 27 more words


Kunta Zangpo Island

Location for a novel of mine.  Character’s I’ve drawn for this story include Sherap Sonam and Phobos the Sage.

Kunta Zangpo Island is in the middle of Sattva Lake which is surrounded by the Mahadyana Mountains – which is home to the Jnanajiva Yoginis in the West and the Ananda Maya Monks in the East.   170 more words


Goodnight Moon

A view of the Super-Moon from my former apartment on Amsterdam Avenue. August 11, 2014

New York

Moon Eclipse

This image is a composite of three moon shots taken over a twelve hour period, ending with a full eclipse on Saturday morning, April 4, 2015, at 7:05 AM. 155 more words


A Little of This and a Little of That---Sunday, April 5, 2015

The eclipse was really cool to watch the other night.  Because we are way out in the country, and we live down a country lane, we don’t sleep with our curtains or drapes pulled. 237 more words

Life On A Colorado Farm