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FULL MOON in Pisces - September 8, 2014

Here comes another Super Moon, the last of 5 that are usually formed when the Moon is at its perigee, or point closer to the Earth, therefore, giving us the opportunity to see it bigger than ever as the previous one was.Its power over the waters is stronger than ever, so large tides are common; many tsunamis have occurred at the time of super moons, its effect on our emotions, usually related to the element of Water is also powerful. 969 more words


Looking Back as We Move Forward!

Thank goodness, one more day and we close the door to August.  For me personally, it has been the roughest of months this whole year.  However, as I look back on all the months this year, for the majority of them, I was glad to see them go.   1,211 more words

The Shift

As Night Emerges

As the night became darker as the ‘super moon’ rised – the glow was impeccable!



Your Breath of Life!

I think for forever we have been so programmed to “breath in the light” to help us along our journey.  How many of us have ever stopped to really ponder that we are equally exhaling the light, or some version of it, all day long.   1,307 more words

The Shift

Super Moon Sunset 7-12-14 (Murfreesboro, Tennessee)

Went to Tims Ford Lake to kayak for a while and then went to dinner in Winchester and as I was driving home, I got this surprise. 32 more words

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