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The Magic of Secret of Mana

Few games grab your attention quite like Secret of Mana. Technically a sequel to a Final Fantasy sister-series, this action RPG is uniquely all its own. 1,617 more words


Virtual Console, And The Two Ways Platform Holders Are Maintaining Classic Games


Virtual Console, one of my main hopes for the Nintendo Switch, isn’t coming to the system. Oh classic games are being and will continue to be released for the system, but that wasn’t the point. 888 more words


Iam8bit Releasing 30th Anniversary Mega Man Classic Cartridges

Another way to celebrate the Mega Man franchise’s 30th birthday is on its way, thanks to collectible retailer/creator Iam8bit via their upcoming anniversary reproduction cartridges of  88 more words

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Raising Act

Much in the way devoted theists worship their deity of choice, tonight I am writing a gospel in praise of The Master and his miracles in bringing peace and civilization to the world while slaying monsters and cranking some kickass tunes. 2,649 more words

Jessie's Top 10 Video Games of All Time: #4 Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Street Fighter II was an arcade game I pumped quite a bit of quarters into at a local arcade.   When it came out on console, I asked for it for Christmas one year.   318 more words

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PopLurker Plays: Revolution X (SNES)

By Dave Stone

Welcome to our new monthly segment of PopLurker Plays entitled Retro Game Dungeon! The schtick here is that I slap a $20 into someone’s hand once a month, send them into a used video game store of their choosing, and see what random game they’ve selected for me to play. 1,739 more words

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