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8 Games We Hope to See on the SNES Mini

With the ultimate success of the Nintendo’s compact emulator, the NES mini selling out of store shelves as quickly as they were stocked, Nintendo recently pulled the plug on production. 896 more words


Nintendo might be getting ready to release a miniature Super NES Classic Edition

27 years after the first 8-to-16-bit Nintendo video game migration, it might be time to do it all over again, so we called the company to see if they’d give us any more info. 593 more words


Oh The Nostalgia!

Recently I got this new computer for work, It’s not a gaming computer in any sense. Anyway one day while I was “hard at work” I started thinking about the old school gaming I used to do as a kid (nes, n64, etc) and I started remembering how much fun those actually are! 304 more words


"Video-game Connoisseur"

I’m not going to call myself a video-game connoisseur but, I do collect them and I definitely enjoy learning about the history.  Art and History were two of my favorite subjects in High School, after all.   659 more words



About a week ago I looked through one of my moving boxes that was still yet to be unpacked.  Opening it up to see the contents, I saw a few of my favorite things.   367 more words


Instead of waiting for Nintendo’s Switch, this awesome gamer made his own portable Super Famicom

Sure, Nintendo’s upcoming hybrid system looks cool, but retro gamers are already gushing over this cool customization of a classic console. 464 more words