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Super NES Series: Super Bomberman

Below are the scores after hours of Bombing fun!  I never played Bomberman much as a kid so it was sort of like a new experience getting to delve into his world now as an adult- it was a really fun game (II was my favorite) and I wholeheartedly recommend trying any of these titles out if you’ve never gotten to play anything from the Bomberman series. 53 more words

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Happy 25th Anniversary, Super Famicom: Favorite JRPGs

Please note: This is a personal list. The list of the actual best will come later. Maybe 5 years. Maybe 10 years. Maybe 5 hours. Give me a sec to write. 139 more words


Super Mario Bros. Speed Run Record Broken!

A new speedrun world record has been set for Super Mario Bros.by Darbian who ran through the game using his original NES system multi-cart which also included… 100 more words

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Giant collection of 16-bit Nintendo cover art is ultimate coffee table book for old school gamers

Thanks to modern Internet marketing, it’s unlikely that anyone buys a video game without first having seen multiple gameplay videos of it as various stages of production. 495 more words


Hardcore gamer refuses to let game save die, leaves his Super NES on for almost two decades

Umihara Kawase was released for the Super Famicom (Super NES in the west) in December, 1994, just over two decades ago. It was a popular game that has spawned a number of sequels for a variety of platforms and has won its fair share of fans, including many who loved the original cartridge game. 458 more words


More Super Baseball! (Super NES)

So, playing more Super Baseball games , there are a lot!!!  I thought I would update my SNES list and then talk about the best of those games: 297 more words

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Spotted some neat stuff in the background of an episode of Frasier

I was watching this 1995-episode of Frasier as I did my daily walk on the treadmill when I noticed some familiar items in the background of this toy store. 403 more words