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Spotted some neat stuff in the background of an episode of Frasier

I was watching this 1995-episode of Frasier as I did my daily walk on the treadmill when I noticed some familiar items in the background of this toy store. 403 more words


Super Nintendo Super Series Game #2: Super 4WD: The Baja

It’s time to get Super again- and if you want to talk Super, go Off-Roading!  But not just any off Roading: Super 4WD Off-Roading!   This game does a damn good job of making you feel like you actually just went off-roading; the bumps feel real, the terrain, the other drives trying to knock you off.  383 more words

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Super Nintendo Super Series #1: Super 3D Baseball

So, being that the Nintendo marketing guys are so clever, when the Super Nintendo dropped, everything had to be upgraded to a “Super” version of what it was before.   448 more words

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F-Zero (SNES) & 4 Other SNES games

F-Zero was awesome (sorry, present tense) still awesome; the graphics were so futuristic to me as a kid and they still pop like 4th of July to me now.  620 more words

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Street Fighter II (Super Nintendo) & 4 other SNES Games


Those 2 epic words always signaled the beginning of an electric 3 minutes where you would pound your buttons, curve around your D-Pad and try to avoid those fiery projectiles.  792 more words

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2020 Super Baseball , Skyblazer & Zoop (Super NES)

Don’ worry; I won’t be forgetting about the little gray box’s 16 bit cousin.  I’ve got 3 really interesting games to talk about so let’s start with America’s favorite pastime in the future. 500 more words

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