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Classic 16-bit Nintendo controllers get modern makeover for use with Switch, current-gen consoles

Everything old is new again with these awesome reimaginings of the beloved Super NES and Super Famicom pads. 431 more words


Super Double Dragon Review

Every so often a series will take a different direction, and as a result it will get a lot of flack for it. Sometimes this can seem justified, being so different it may as well be something else entirely. 1,513 more words


SNES Essentials: Yoshi's Island

Super Mario World¬†marked the point at which “Mario games” were no longer really one series, though this didn’t become obvious until much later in retrospect. 1,548 more words


Super Famicom Classic Mini

With the success of last year’s release of the Famicom Classic Mini, Nintendo released the Super Famicom Classic Mini on October 5, 2017 in Japan. The Famicom Classic Mini line recreates Nintendo’s classic systems in miniature versions that come pre-loaded with a collection of some of the system’s best titles. 251 more words


SNES Essentials: Super Mario World

One of the biggest sources of playground arguments in my youth was whether Super Mario World or Sonic the Hedgehog was “better”.

I owned a SNES, so I should have been firmly in the Team Mario camp, but at the same time my brother was working on games magazines and regularly brought consoles home with him for us to try out — including a Mega Drive with¬† 1,134 more words