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About a week ago I looked through one of my moving boxes that was still yet to be unpacked.  Opening it up to see the contents, I saw a few of my favorite things.   367 more words


Instead of waiting for Nintendo’s Switch, this awesome gamer made his own portable Super Famicom

Sure, Nintendo’s upcoming hybrid system looks cool, but retro gamers are already gushing over this cool customization of a classic console. 464 more words


In Memoriam of Instruction Booklets

I came across something on Twitter a couple of days ago that made me stop and think. Someone had posted a picture of some Wii games they had picked up and stated that they enjoyed collecting Wii games because those still came with Instruction Booklets. 1,025 more words

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Final Fight 2 (SNES) new PAR\Game Genie codes

Howdy folks,

Here are some codes I came up with for this pretty decent brawler. If you find the game a bit of a slog try the first code or if you just want maybe a better chance of survival on the harder modes try the other that make the fairly sparse energy pickups like soda, chicken etc fully replenish your health bar. 78 more words

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Day #337: Super Mario World

Not wanting to insult your intelligence and pretend that there’s much insight I can offer into one of the most popular video games of all time, I will instead present to you a bullet pointed list of random thoughts I had about the game as I revisited it this afternoon.   505 more words

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Final Fantasy Fundamentals: Class It Up #2 (FFV, XI, Tactics, and Tactics Advance)

Final Fantasy V Classes (Original and Remakes)

Mystic Knights are the predecessors to “spellblades” in other FF games. Mystic Knights can cast magic on their weapons to attack enemies’ weaknesses or absorb their HP. 1,461 more words

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