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Post Game Wrap-up: Super Metroid

Best. Game. Ever.

The Set-up:

“The last Metroid is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace.”

You are Samus Aran, and so begins the most amazing game to grace the Super NES. 1,379 more words

Current Gaming

Retro Gaming Pickups 12. SNES Big hitter!

Awesome Mega Drive, SNES and Master System pickups and a change in direction with what I buy. Take a look;


Analogue NT Brings Nintendo NES Gaming Back


The Analogue Nt doesn’t look or feel like a retro game system. Its shape is vaguely Super NES-like, but it’s clearly not built to mimic any specific console. 971 more words


Super NES Series: Super Bomberman

Below are the scores after hours of Bombing fun!  I never played Bomberman much as a kid so it was sort of like a new experience getting to delve into his world now as an adult- it was a really fun game (II was my favorite) and I wholeheartedly recommend trying any of these titles out if you’ve never gotten to play anything from the Bomberman series. 53 more words

Video Games

Happy 25th Anniversary, Super Famicom: Favorite JRPGs

Please note: This is a personal list. The list of the actual best will come later. Maybe 5 years. Maybe 10 years. Maybe 5 hours. Give me a sec to write. 139 more words