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Day #335: Super Mario World

VERY FUNNY post from TodayIPlayed. He’s really such a phenomonal writer; he’s been writing EVERY DAY for a year straight!! He’s up to #355. If you’ve got the time and want some serious nostalgia, THIS IS FOR YOU!! 49 more words


Day 13: A Game I’ve Played More Than Five Times

Ah, back to the 30-day video game topics.  Despite the obvious implication that this is only supposed to span the course of roughly a month, these posts have been taking me years to get through.  1,128 more words


Donkey Kong Country Review - The Braselspective

Video was original released on June 5, 2015. I review Donkey Kong Country for the SNES! I tried to approach editing a bit different this time, which hopefully made it a little more enjoyable. 13 more words

It's Just A Fantasy - My Favorite Final Fantasy Games

On Tuesday, Square-Enix releases Final Fantasy XV, a game that’s been in development for about 10 years, when it was originally conceived as an off-shoot story for Final Fantasy XIII. 976 more words

25 Years of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The passage of time is a horrible thing and what better way to defy it than taking a look at Nintendo’s SNES opus, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Spoilers: there is no better way)? 189 more words


It Never Hurts to Ask

When I see an ad for a lot of video games go up on a classifieds site, nine times out of ten I already have at least one game in the bunch and for that reason am hesitant to buy it or even make an offer.  890 more words

Super Series #More : Super High Impact

Smash Mouth Football, that’s what this…..hold on a tick….is that guy’s hand missing it’s skin?   WTF….

This game is supposed to be a more fun, hockey like atmosphere, and I say hockey like because you can engage in a full-on fight mode with your teams; it’s a button mashing exercise but it does break up the back and forth excitement of the game with more excitement. 276 more words

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