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In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars: Episode 4 – A New Hope, here’s the intro to a Super NES classic!

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The SNES Mini Classic Edition of Editions

Remember your childhood? Remember the hours spent avoiding homework? Remember the cries of ‘Dinners ready’ from Mum that you magically didn’t hear? We’ve all got those memories, and Nintendo knows how to sell you those memories over and over again. 403 more words


CoT Part 6: A Desolate World

Beyond the Ruins (2300 A.D.)

Crono, Lucca, and Marle emerge from the Time Gate in a strange room. Lucca observes that the structure looks highly advanced but everything looks decrepit and disused. 1,371 more words

Chrono Trigger

Is the SNES Classic Mini a Possibility?

I recently read on both Nerdist and Mental Floss that Nintendo may be releasing an SNES Classic Mini this Christmas. That’s pretty cool, I guess. I wonder if the supply will meet the demand? 298 more words


CoT Part 5: Injustice System

We’re Back! (1000 A.D.)

Crono, Lucca, and Marle arrive safe and sound back at the Millennial Fair with the present seemingly unchanged. Lucca apologizes for the trouble that her device has caused but Mare shrugs it off saying that she’s had the time of her life and she’s happy to have made some new friends. 1,952 more words

Chrono Trigger

VGBS 65 - SNES Memories (Part 2)

Topics Include:
Super Nintendo Buyer’s Guide (EGM)
Crazy Rental Tales
Going to the Chipster’s
SNES vs NES Difficulty
Piss Poor Platformers
Buster Busts Loose!
Super Game Boy Boxes… 57 more words