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Dawn of the Dead!

Zombies Ate My Neighbours / Zombies

Developer: Konami
Publisher: Lucasarts
UK Release: January 1994
Format: Super Nintendo / Sega Mega Drive

The concept of a Zombie has become a cultural phenomenon over the years; this is mainly in part to popular media such as the Walking Dead series of comic books and TV shows, horror movies like Dawn of the Dead and the Resident Evil series of video games. 450 more words


25 SNES #2: Radical Dreamers

The second game in my quest to explore more fully the SNES video game library is a strange one. A good one, but it is truly one of the oddest games that I have ever encountered. 676 more words

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Super Castlevania IV - Super NES

I’m not that into horror; I know a lot of people are; I did have a slight fascination with the “classic” movie monsters of yesteryear, the traditional ones, your Dracula, Frankenstein(we always called him that, even though he’s technically the Monster), Wolfman, Mummy, etc.¬† 218 more words

Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Fourth Generation Console

The SNES is Nintendo’s second console following the NES, released in 1990 in Japan, 1991 in North America, 1992 in Europe.¬†Nintendo’s initial shipment of 300,000 units sold out within hours causing the Japanese government to ask video game manufacturers to schedule future console releases on weekends. 81 more words


25 Years, 25 Games #1: Super Bomberman

I decided to ease myself into this 25 Years, 25 SNES Games project with Super Bomberman. More so than any other game on my list, this one I knew what I getting going in.   570 more words

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SNES Review - Legend

Legend! One of the hidden gems of the Super Nintendo. I found my copy of this game in Toronto recently – it was cart only with barely a label on it. 256 more words

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Super Famicom left on for 20 years to keep save data

Cartridges from the 8-bit and 16-bit eras of consoles had a battery to maintain the save data. Aside from passwords, this was pretty much the only way to keep your progress. 92 more words