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The PlayStation Connection And Other Super Facts You Never Knew About The SNES

This week marks the anniversary of the North American release of the legendary Super Nintendo. The SNES may not have been the most successful console in history (it sold a solid, but not record-setting, 50 million units), but it was certainly one of the… 1,954 more words


Game Review-Bubsy


A lot, actually.

ACCORDING TO THE Internet, this is one of those games you either love to death, or hate with the passion of a thousand burning suns. 1,019 more words


M80C/M81C Super Nintendo Kiosk


This kiosk was brought out in both America and Europe.
The first model was the M80C with a 13” RGB monitor. The second model was the M81C and came out with a 20” TV. 228 more words


Super Metroid: The Sandwich Review

Yes, after a long hiatus, I return to you with a Sandwich Review of the Nintendo’s Super Metroid! This was the first time I had ever played this game and only the second… 1,465 more words


The Super Nintendo Journal #1: Actraiser

Actraiser is a very unique and essential game to play for the SNES.

Actraiser is a brave and special game. It complements a solid platforming experience with a basic, but rewarding God-sim strategy mechanic. 640 more words


New Super NES controller battery pack brings some retro street cred to your mobile charging needs

We’ve all got at least one thing that we carry around with us that could use a quick recharge on the road. For most of us it’s our cell phone, but it’s not inconceivable to carry… 343 more words


Joe & Mac (SNES) - Retro Bits

Los cavernícolas ninja de Data East era un concepto que podía sonar un tanto genérico, situado en un ambiente parecido al de los Picapiedra pero con protagonistas expertos en artes marciales quienes buscan rescatar a sus chicas. 310 more words