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Tecmo Super Bowl Convergence (SNES, NES, Genesis)

For ease of navigation, here is all three Tecmo Super Bowl: Convergence ROMs in one place.  The SNES version is the original and, personally, my favorite one due to some additional features, however, there are some people who prefer the gameplay of the Genesis or NES.



So for the longest time my boyfriend and I have had a Super Nintendo console sitting in our basement without a controller. He refused to let me buy one online because he said it was too expensive. 185 more words


Tecmo Super Bowl: Convergence tournament is under way!

Here’s the bracket with all of the first round matchups for all thirty teams.  Miami 1972 and New England 2007 will receive first round byes because of their historic undefeated regular seasons.  8 more words


Nintendo: It's Just Not That In To Me

Nintendo and I have grown apart. I don’t know whether I left it, or it left me, but the loving relationship we once had appears to be almost absent as I continue forward in my gaming-filled life. 1,252 more words

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The Convergence is here! (SNES)

In the year 2070, the supreme emperor of the NFL Universe, Jerry Jones, traveled through time and space and started collecting football teams from various timelines and kept them stored safely inside of unbreakable snow globes.  43 more words


There is a thriving community of speedrunners out there that race through some of the best known games in history. There are many forms of speedrunning from finding complex glitches in the game world to zip past large portions of the experience, to tool assisted/emulator runs where gamers dig right into the code of the game. 211 more words


GameStop launches vintage games store and prices are all over the place

GameStop took to its Twitter account this morning to announce the launch of the new Retro Classics section on its online storefront. The national gaming retailer is stocking everything from refurbished vintage consoles to a wide selection of pre-owned NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, PS1 and Dreamcast titles: 222 more words