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Super science

Welcome to super science, here this site explains how super powers would work in real life without any flaws with the physics or the genetics or or other stuff like that. 332 more words

Super Powers

36 - My Favorite Biff

Episode #36 – My Favorite Biff

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The 6 Demon Bag Podcast, where we pull random topics for discussion related to writing, comics, movies, science, all that kind of thing! 109 more words


Week 52 - Preparing Next Year's Challenges

My 52nd challenge has been about carefully chosing my New Year’s resolutions, keeping in mind my experience of a year of weekly challenges that have more or less been achieved. 2,080 more words

New Year's Resolutions


There was an accident a few years ago, all my friends gained strange new abilities. All except me. At least, that’s what they think.

Their powers vary. 187 more words

Short Story

One Down

Finished my first day of chemotherapy. I’m scheduled for six months of chemo, twice a month. So that leaves me with 11 more treatments. I wanted to share a couple of random thoughts I had in no particular order. 410 more words


A list of super powers that would be pretty neat to have:

  • Teleportation
  • Phasing (being able to pass through solid objects)
  • Full Invisibility
  • Floating*
  • Universal language translation…
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Quickie #16 Babe with the Power

PROMPT: What super powers would you give yourself? Your best friend? Your kids?

For myself it would be healing, hands down. I always choose it when the question pops up on those silly “What kind of (_____) are you?” quizzes. 622 more words