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Renegades by Marissa Meyer

Renegades by Marissa Meyer is a story of Superheroes and Supervillains, a premise that continues to fascinate  and attract people (like me) with each new adaptation of the epic battle between good versus evil. 229 more words

Book Review

Empire 1

Blood Forge #2: Lucid Dreams

“Aah!” the rich man cried, arms flailing for purchase, blood floating through the air.

The man fell on his ass, clutching at his nose. 1,713 more words

Super Powers

Super Power Breakdown: Top 20 Most Dangerous Powers

This list will be arranged from least dangerous (20) to the most dangerous (1) super powers and I will explain why they are on the list. 1,345 more words

Super Powers

Deconstructing the Novel, Part 3 – The Shattered Visage Lies


Chris and I always tout The Shattered Visage Lies as an ensemble piece. Yes, the last time we discussed this book, we agreed that it had a protagonist and antagonist in the forms of Michael and Marvin. 963 more words


Hi there !

These posts are bit spaced out at the moment, a bit like me most of the time to be honest. I feel like a fruit cake more and more, jumbling words in sentences, and all the other wonderful joys of Fibromyalgia, but life goes on, and probably to my own detriment at times, so do I. 482 more words

Hinamatsuri Episode 1 - Anime QandA Review

What’s the show? Hinamatsuri, Episode 1.

Uh-huh? And what’s it about? A Telekinetic middle-schooler materialises in a metal pod in the upscale living room of a vase collecting Yakuza enforcer and promptly inserts herself into all facets of his life while he is kinda, strangely cool with it, even as she destroys all his worldly possessions. 501 more words


'My Hero Academia' English Dub Premier DELAYED

Funimation’s dub for My Hero Academia is regarded as one of he best dubs of recent times.

Last month Funimation announced that the first 6 episodes will be simul dubbed but in a recent Tweet they said, “Our partners in Japan are working very hard to make broadcast deadlines, but due to production delays, they weren’t able to send the episode early for dubbing.“ 51 more words