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Fears: a 30 word story

‘What are you most afraid of?’ the curious little girl asked the tall mirror.

‘You,’ said the mirror. ‘Because you know exactly what I’m most afraid of.’

Glass cutters, duh.


Super Short Story: Be the Blocker

Justin heard noises.

It took a moment for feeling to come into Justin’s body. He could feel a build up within him that made his head tighten and his body bloat. 965 more words

Super Short Story: Surrogation Anxiety 3/3

“Sure?”, Nick asked.

“Yes, I am sure,” Derrick said, his impatience growing. The images sped up once more until Derrick recognises his bedroom again,

“Here we go.” 1,140 more words

Super Short Story: Surrogation Anxiety 2/3

“You’re going to have to update that soon,” Derrick said looking down at the device. The device had a few more blemishes on it’s surface than it did the last time. 1,078 more words

Story: Analise

I’ve known her for as long as I can remember. Analise. She is beautiful, that much I have to admit. She is tall, taller than the average woman, and has long curly hair. 117 more words


Super Short Story: Keep Walking

“Keep walking,” a tall man said to a smaller one.

“I’m hurt,” the small one said.

“Francis cut out the melodrama,” said the tall man. The tall man gripped Francis’ upper arm and tried to drag him away. 991 more words

Story: The World Outside

He wonders often about the world outside. What is it like, what are the colours of the world, what are are sounds that ring there? What smells are created by the other world? 207 more words