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A Modest Proposal for the Good People at Super Simple Learning this Halloween - Knock, Knock, Trick or Treat? Part 3

Halloween is an exciting time to be teaching children English since the smorgasbord of fun words to learn (witches, vampires, and zombies etc.) can turn even the most lethargic of classroom environments into a bouncy house of excitement. 131 more words


Using YouTube Videos To Encourage Imitation

Imitation was a super hard skill for us to learn. I’m not sure why but anytime I sang or made a funny face, my son would just look at me puzzled and then get bored and walk away. 372 more words

Early Intervention

Time to Shake up the Hokey Pokey

After all the Halloween madness of last month I thought it was time to try an old favorite, the Hokey Pokey Shake from the good people at Super Simple Learning. 189 more words