Carroll Shelby 'Need For Speed' Mustang on eBay

Several years ago, Electronic Arts (creators of the Need For Speed video game franchise) approach Shelby with the possibility of developing a Need For Speed Edition Super Snake GT500 Mustang to be auctioned. 204 more words


Merry Christmas From Mustang Maniac

At Mustang Maniac we love our old cars, and we know that Santa has his trusty old sleigh. Now we think that he should move with the times a bit. 132 more words


Northern California Shelby Club Track Day

The Northern California region of the Shelby American Automobile Club (NorCal SAAC) will be having a “Unlimited Sound” day at Laguna Seca on Sunday September 21, 2014. 108 more words


'Getaway' from this movie

(Sometimes Producer Jay likes to rant about a movie he has watched recently. These are generally older movies available on cable or Netflix, so he will not worry himself, or you, with spoiler alerts.) 2,056 more words

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