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So...can a super soldier serum really exist?

Captain America, yes this topic relates to him only, thanks to my great Marvel fan mind. So as everybody know boys basically likes body building (and everybody know they’re so stubborn that they’re gonna quit it in a month and but still……oh and I’m a nerd) so they always think about a short cut to increase there muscles fast and vast so they opt for protein powders, drugs and etc etc. 388 more words


An Interview With James Casbolt, Super Soldier

James Casbolt is one of the most controversial individuals to come forward claiming to be a victim of MK Ultra Trauma Based Programming. He claims to be a Manchurian Candidate type super soldier, with alters, keys and cybernetic enhancements. 1,668 more words




Humanity has expanded beyond the borders of Earth into the far reaches of space. Human ingenuity has also expanded—as well as its theology.

On one side of an interplanetary war: a new religious order, dedicated to the expansion of human enlightenment. 498 more words


Soldier: Kurt Kills More Than He Speaks

Time for another old school action classic.

Soldier starred Kurt Russell, Jason Scott Lee, and Jason Isaacs. It was directed by Paul Anderson and written by David Webb Peoples. 462 more words

Film Review

The Greatest Fan Fiction Ever Told

This guy, am I right?

I’ve never been a big Spider-Man reader, so my awareness of the character Herman “Shocker” Schultz–frequent Sinister Six member in reasonably good standing and a Spidey foe for pretty much as long as I’ve been alive–was dim at best before I read  916 more words

The James Casbolt (Michael Prince) controversy and TV interview

I recently watched an interesting interview of alleged: MK-ULTRA, Jesuit and Illuminati assassin, James Casbolt, by well known TV host, Richard Hall. Before Richard interviewed Casbolt, he said that there are four possible scenarios for Casbolt’s testimony. 741 more words