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Whitney Houston? Does She Even Have an Album?

The night was November 17, 1998 and the event was Whitney Houston’s FIRST studio album in eight years being released. I have a few iconic stories (handsome man dancing across the room checking me out to name one) but this night was pure magic….almost.  756 more words

Pre-Election Update

Just a day before one of the most consequential elections in a generation, there are fewer major races and ballot initiatives pertaining to shale and hydraulic fracturing than in recent years. 748 more words

Daniel Markind

Trump on Super Tuesday 2018: 'So much for the big blue wave' — the DC drain - conservative politics

ㅤ”’Great night for Republicans! Congratulations to John Cox on a really big number in California. He can win. Even Fake News CNN said the Trump impact was really big, much bigger than they ever thought possible.

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Fear and Loathing on Super Tuesday

It’s somewhat comical to me that Master of Puppets turned 30 today, and what a year 1986 must’ve been. Metallica might’ve provided me the fuel to sit down and write this piece after a couple days of simply feeling defeated – as though I’m watching a very distinct series of events unfold that will yield nothing more than chaos, madness, worse. 1,800 more words


ToastBox Super Tuesday [Curry Laska $28]

Every Tuesday for four-week visit toastbox for a special meal offer.

This weeks offer Singaporean Curry Laska $28 meal offer.( normally $52)

First Tuesday starts 20 March… 49 more words

Cold Turkey = Batshit Crazy

“If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now.” Unknown… 1,010 more words


Shenanigans and Silliness - Is it November Yet?

So Super Tuesday is here – thank God – and maybe some of the silliness that has become the Republican Presidential race can go away now that numbers are starting coalesce behind the frontrunners. 505 more words