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Time Waits For One Squirrel

Bet you didn’t know that Vop, Zoom, Zig Zog Zig Zog and Swit were the go to sound effects for faster than light travel.

Now you know.

Comic Commentary

Upville, Ep. 15: Pound for Pound, Pt. 2

Fern inhaled with sharp silence through reddening teeth.  His vision blurred around the edges, but a heavy magma was rising through the fizzy screen inside his temples.  2,714 more words

Funny. Laugh.

Upville, Ep. 14: Pound for Pound, Pt.1

With the Villain Van parked snugly around the corner from the Upville Humane Society, C.K. trailed a step behind Fern and Blackout, who were walking in quick stride on the uneven sidewalk.  1,467 more words

Funny. Laugh.

Review | Suicide Squad | Spoiler Free!

After waiting a couple of weeks, we finally went and saw Suicide Squad on Thursday! Myself and my boyfriend had been eager to watch it since the first trailer, but of course, the minute the movie was released, it received a whole bunch of negative reviews from critics… Well, I’m here to tell you: DON’T LISTEN TO THEM! 968 more words


I wish I had the determination of a super villain

Abstract Thoughts

Golden Age Showcase: Mister Future

Today we’re going to dive into the deep end of obscure and interesting Golden Age superheroes.

A lot of people tend to think the comic book industry is overwhelmingly dominated by what is referred to as “The Big Two”. 827 more words