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Batman Arkham Knight, my new game crush

Hey peeps! Wazup? Hope everyone is ok.

Well, I’ve started playing Batman Arkham Knight and I’m so much in rush to finish it not only because it has remarkable graphics and a good storyline but also because 2 of my favorite games “Until Dawn” and “Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain” are on the way to my world by the end of this month. 343 more words


Name a Super Power you'd love to have. Would you use it for good, or for personal gain? (#4)

The list of superpowers is quite long, and determining a superpower is quite hard. To narrow this down lets go to SuperheroDB to check out the list of powers. 304 more words

Casper Ivy

First Official Suicide Squad Movie Trailer

After months of leaks from the set and little drips of info on what the movie is going to be about, DC has finally release the first official trailer for the Suicide Squad movie and it looks really weird.   86 more words


Must Have Movie Props: Superhero Edition!

Movies are like magic on a screen. Nowhere else do we get to see our greatest fantasies come to life, to weave an even more awesome story before our eyes.This phenomenon definitely rings true with superhero movies. 464 more words

Hey Mikey

The hyper reality

I think this is an early example of digital manipulation, and it presents a really weird but enticing cover.



Potato Of The Day Episode 56

EARTH – Rampant chaos and destruction prevails into the evening as the world’s first super villain has come forth. Bearing mystical and super powers, the would-be universal dictator has yet to make any demands, content in sadistic silence, spraying its reign of vegetative terror far and wide. 301 more words

Potato Of The Day