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End of the World Ever After

A robot uprising, a zombie apocalypse, a super volcano and an alien invasion—what’s the best scenario in which I could enjoy the aftermath comfortably?

Zombie Apocalypse… 717 more words


Destroying the World and Plot Consistency

I’ve been working on some post-apocalyptic story ideas lately and I’ve come up with a lot of good ways to destroy the world. The first big problem is deciding on one. 260 more words


America's Extinction Level Event

Forget Fukushima and the ecological and climatic damage caused by the Gulf Oil Explosion. These events are child’s play compared to what is coming from Yellowstone super volcano. 1,085 more words


A cautionary tale about the precautionary principle

This piece is about the fennec fox, and in particular about circumstances in which the fennec fox might well take over from the polar bear as the standard image used by the alarmists to try to persuade us that the world as we know it is at risk from human activity. 1,442 more words



SKAFTAFELL, Iceland — Just north of here, on the far side of the impenetrable Vatnajokull ice sheet, lava is spewing from a crack in the earth on the flanks of Bardarbunga, one of Iceland’s largest volcanoes. 243 more words

Wonders In Heaven And Signs In The Earth

3 Reasons to Get Fit You Haven't Heard of

Yes, we all know working out has benefits X,Y, and Z, but the typical motivations don’t always cut it, so here are a few that maybe you haven’t heard of yet. 323 more words


The Supervolcanic Epiphany

Rogr Sikes believed that he could dwell nowhere else in the entire galaxy but his beloved native planet of Seisma.
He could not have felt comfortable without the constant, unending rumbling and explosion of the planetary volcanos and interior seismic quakes. 2,695 more words