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5 Healthcare Innovations to Freak You Out!

The world is advancing at the speed of light, and with that… so is medicine. Take a look at these fantastic developments that are actually real! 484 more words

UK: "Man has 'world's worst' super-gonorrhoea"

A man in the UK has caught the world’s “worst-ever” case of super-gonorrhoea.

He had a regular partner in the UK, but picked up the superbug after a sexual encounter with a woman in South East Asia. 121 more words


Latest Synthetic Antibiotic is Capable of Eliminating Some Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs

An important discovery for sure.

A “game changing” new antibiotic which is capable of killing superbugs has been successfully synthesised and used to treat an infection for the first time — and could lead to the first new class of antibiotic drug in 30 years. 400 more words

Scientific Research

Canadian researchers to lead response against antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Three teams of Canadian researchers are set to help lead the global response to the threat of antimicrobial resistance – better known as drug-resistant infections or bacteria. 454 more words


Infection fighting dog to make his way to B.C. Interior

In 2016, Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) introduced a four-legged bacteria fighter to help wipe out a nasty superbug in hospitals.

Two years later, the dog is heading to the B.C. 530 more words


President Trump hits back at Jay-Z over 'superbug' comments - BBC NEWS

The rapper Eminem has been attacking 45 since 45 started running for office. 45 remained very quiet about these attacks. Jay-Z talks about Trump and he attacks immediately. 135 more words

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