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'Nose-y' Bacteria Could Yield A New Antibiotic to Fight Drug-Resistant SuperBugs: lugdunin

Once scientists grew these Staphylococcus lugdunensis bacteria in a lab dish, they were able to isolate a compound that’s lethal to another strain commonly found in the nose that can make us sick — Staphylococcus aureus. 617 more words


The Superbug and the End of the Antibiotic Era

Many would argue that the discovery of Penicillin and antibiotics was a revolutionary step in the medical world as it provided physicians and medical professionals with the capabilities of directly combating bacterial issues that negatively affected individual’s health such as infections. 548 more words


Second U.S. patient had antibiotic-resistant superbug infection

For the second time, scientists detected a feared “superbug” — bacteria that cannot be killed by the best available drug for treating antibiotic-resistant infections — in an American patient. 560 more words


Mcr-1 gene found in second human sample in the U.S.

Researchers have identified a second sample of E. coli in human sample in the U.S. containing the mcr-1 gene. This comes nearly six weeks after the first case… 757 more words


Angus the C. difficile sniffing dog fully trained to recognize dangerous superbug

You may remember Angus the C. difficile sniffing dog.

The pooch was Vancouver General Hospital’s pilot project to see if a dog could sniff out the dangerous superbug, which is the most common cause of infectious diarrhea in hospitals and long-term care facilities. 392 more words


Superbug: The End of Antibiotics? Are We All Going to Die?

What on Earth is a superbug?

Imagine having an incurable bacterial infection that doctors can’t stop from spreading. How long have you got to live? You are asking yourself, how this can be possible in the 21st century. 1,113 more words