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Superbug deaths expected to outnumber cancer deaths by 2050 thanks to overused antibiotics

Source: Natural News, by Jennifer Lea Reynolds

Recently, a report published in The Review on Antimicrobial Resistance noted that, unless serious action is taken to address the problem of antibiotic-resistant drugs, then society should brace themselves for devastating changes starting in 2050. 270 more words


Are fecal transplants the future of medicine?

EDMONTON – Placing someone else’s feces into your body probably doesn’t sound pleasant, but Dr. Dina Kao says some people would do anything to try it. 359 more words


Breast Milk Protein Could be Used in Resistant Bacteria Combat

As British scientists have found, an antibacterial developed from the breast milk of humans could combat certain drug-resistant bacterial cells without destroying the surrounding human cells. 452 more words

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The Rise of ‘Phantom Menace’… the Superbug

According to a recent post by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), scientists are warning about the rise of a dangerous superbug they are calling the “phantom menace.” The strains of this bug stem from a family of antibiotic-resistant bacteria known as carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE). 476 more words

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In comparison, they said, I was lucky,” writes Alice Sebold.

In her memoir, Lucky, Sebold recounts her experience of being brutally attacked and raped in a tunnel while a student at Syracuse University. 406 more words

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Antibiotic Trade

I always thought that people knew they should finish a course of antibiotics. I remember as a child, my Dad explained that even though I felt better, I needed to complete my medication otherwise I could end up even sicker. 62 more words

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New Year, New Health Challenge

I did not plan for 2016 to begin this way.  It was supposed to begin with a short recovery from sinus surgery, followed by a swift introduction back into the world of fitness.   241 more words

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