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Ferrari Experience headed for Australian Motoring Festival

If your going to the Australian Motoring Festival in Melbourne this weekend then one of highlights has to the Ferrari Exhibition which will feature no only new Ferrari’s, but classic Ferraris and undoubtedly the best performing Ferrari ever to be built the LaFerrari, The Laferrari is powered by a 789 horsepower V-12 and will do the 0-100km/h sprint in 3 secs. 395 more words

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Budget Supercars!

…rather, ‘Affordable’ should we say!

When manufactures produce a new supercar, they often demand super price tags. This means you don’t often see these exotic motors down your local supermarket car park as your “average joe” can’t justify or afford the luxury. 576 more words

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Ferrari Brings LaFerrari to Australia for the Australian Motoring Festival

This mouthwatering hybrid supercar costs $3,000,000 and is limited to 499 cars. Ferrari think Australia should give it the once over this weekend in Melbourne. 61 more words

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Too Far? McLaren seized after driver refuses to 'spoil' bodywork with a number plate

Has this supercar driver taken his love of bodywork a little too far? A driver had his McLaren confiscated by police because he could not bear to screw a numberplate into its bodywork. 245 more words


Is it true that for every Enzo Ferrari that gets destroyed all the remaining Enzos go up in value by $100,000?

Is it true that for every Enzo Ferrari that gets destroyed, all the remaining Enzos go up in value by $100,000?

We’ve read and heard this a few times now and wondered if this could be the ultimate example of supply and demand affecting market price. 803 more words


Lewis Hamilton buys the latest Ferrari hybrid fusion hypercar the La Ferrari.

Do you ever have that feeling of walking into your garage and seeing an SLS Black Series along with a One off Pagani Zonda 760 LH and think to yourself “I’m missing something?” most of us mere mortals would be happy with those two amazing cars but then again we’re not Lewis Hamilton. 301 more words