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She's Electric

The future of transport is electric, and no manufacturer has done more to advance the technology than electric car start-up Tesla.

Founded from the proceeds of Paypal, Elon Musk’s ludicrously ambitious venture has gone from producing a humble modified Lotus Elise in tiny numbers to become the largest manufacturer of li-ion batteries in the world, completely changing the automotive landscape in the process. 168 more words


Daily News: Monday 10/16/17

Mercedes Electric Vehicle Efforts Consolidated Under One Brand: Mercedes EQ

Mercedes has taken advantage of the Frankfurt Auto Show in their backyard, and has recently debuted an entirely new sub-brand  459 more words


Lamborghini LM 002 1990

1990 Lamborghini LM 002 is fitted with a front mounted 5167 cc Countach V12 engine. With 450 ps and 2600 kg, the performances were incredible for a SUV in the 80’s: 210 km/h of top speed (not helped with the square look of the 002) and 7.8 sec to 100 km/h. 96 more words

Classic Car

Cool Volante

When any person thinks of a car that is cool, most probably the first brand that would come to mind is Aston Martin. They have been around for a very long time, since 1913 to be exact, and are a stiff competition in motorsport and they have been part of pop culture thanks to that certain movie franchise we all know. 259 more words

New Launch

TVR Tuscan 2000 Electric

This 2000 TVR Tuscan drop it’s 3.6 litres 6 cylinders 350 ps engine to be modified as an Electric Car. It is required to fit the Tuscan with batteries of your choice. 120 more words


BMW M1 1981

This 1981 BMW M1, chassis number 446 (of 453), is the german vision of a mid-engine supercar in the late 70’s. With 3453 cc, six seperate thottle bodies and four valves per cylinder the M88 engine is a piece of art. 64 more words


Honda NSX - Picture Special

After over a decade out of the supercar game Honda’s new NSX supercar has just gone on sale, a near-600bhp hybrid-powered torque-vectoring computer with wheels. But that’s not the one we have here today. 423 more words