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The #Bugatti #Galibier Super-Saloon Set

After all this on again off again regarding the Bugatti Galibier AutoCar are now confirming that it will be the manufacturers next production model. The car was first shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009 and now they are poised to resurrect the £2m super-luxury, front-engined saloon in the future. 7 more words

2018 #Toyota Supra

The Supra has enjoyed the support of quite a few enthusiasts over the years, so it stands to reason that the upcoming 2018 Toyota Supra model will pique the interest of the general public. 36 more words

2017 Jaguar F-Type

The F-TYPE range is engineered for high performance and responsive handling. Following its legendary predecessors, the F-TYPE delivers an exhilaratingly instinctive driving experience.


Final Edition #Vipers Sold So Fast #Dodge Will Make More

When the demand is high, you need to make sure you can supply. Dodge is learning this really quick with how fast their Vipers were being bought out.Dodge Vipers have always been a very coveted name in the automotive industry, and they have always been collected by some of the most dedicated lot of car enthusiasts alive. 10 more words

Sweet-Looking #LaFerrari

The first production units of the limited edition Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta are being readied for delivery on the evidence of the sudden surge in the number of the cars being spotted around the factory in Maranello. 22 more words

Due to a lack of time this week, this post will be a short one. But that may be for the best considering the topic: funerals. 268 more words


2017 Lotus Evora 400 - Read The Only Canadian Review Of This Car, Yet!

I have been fortunate enough to have done quite a few exclusives in my career –¬†being the first to test a vehicle from a Canadian perspective, and some even from a global point of view. 260 more words