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Supercard DSTWO can support DS/GBA/SFC games on 3DS9.8.0 -25.

Supercard DSTWO is available aganin which is definitely an exciting news for many users. It is one of the most powerful DS card because it can be used to play DS/GBA/SFC games direactly in one card. 204 more words


Supercard DSTWO is Back Where to buy the DS2 for Nintendo DS/ DS Lite/ DSi or DSi XL and O3DS/NEW 3DS

Supercard dstwo is stopped produced for a long time but now ds2 is back. We Dwtechz.com team are the first to successfully got the new supercard dstwo in stock. 440 more words

Supercard DSTWO

Buy Supercard Dstwo From digitopz, in stock

Excited! Supercard DSTWO has been production again and digitopz has full dstwo in stock. Users who like playng gba game can place orders freely. Now the dstwo can works on NEW3DS/3DS firmware9.8.0-25


DSTWO Is Available Now

Great news for you-DSTWO has been stopped¬† for a long time and now it has been production again. Now¬† supercard DSTWO is available in… 28 more words

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Which 3DS flashcart is best for N3DS V9.2.0-20 ?

For the time being,there are so many popular cards can work on N3DS V9.2.0-20, like

NDS Roms supported card : supercard dstwo,r4i gold rts 3ds,r4isdhc rts 3ds ,r4i gold pro 3ds and so on… 221 more words

Gateway 3DS

Where to buy gateway 3ds with omega firmware v2.4b to play online 3ds games ?

It is widely knew that nintendo system firmware for N3DS/XL,2DS have been updated to v9.0.0-20,the new firmware update mainly improve system stability, added themes,made some changes for eshop, but no any ds roms cards have been blocked. 234 more words

Gateway 3ds

Which 3ds flashcart is best for N2DS V9.0.0-20?

Two days ago,nintendo released a new system update for N3DS/XL,2DS,the latest system firmware version was v9.0.0-20,the new firmware update mainly made changlog in following

Changes to the HOME Menu: 218 more words