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"Chasing" in the Boston Metro area

As is often the case during July and August in MA, severe storms were in the forecast on August 7.  By 4 pm, towering cu (cumulonimbus) clouds were already forming and thunderstorms were popping in various areas of eastern Massachusetts, southeastern NH, Maine and RI. 197 more words


Double Tornadoes Aren't Particularly Rare

While it is common for large, violent tornadoes to form multiple funnels that rotate around each other, Monday night’s Pilger, Nebraska twin tornadoes were not one of these standard “multi-vortex” entities. 57 more words

Supercell Storm Produces Giant Hailstones, New Mexico City

A supercell thunderstorm has produced hailstones up to four inches in diameter in New Mexico.

Tornado warnings were issued in the state this weekend but that did not stop amateur photographers and videographers setting out to capture the conditions on camera. 75 more words

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