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Lexus' Hoverboard is here

“There is no such thing as impossible, it’s just a matter of figuring out how,” – Haruhiko Tanahashi – Lexus Chief Engineer.

In the video we can see a professional skateboarder Ross McGouran re-mastering his abilities in order to conquer the hoverboard. 260 more words


JPCM topical review round-up part 6: Understanding the elusive topological superconductor

Gapped electronic systems can possess nontrivial topology and while many topological insulators have now been found, topological superconductors are much rarer.

Topological superconductors contain protected Majorana surface states, which can occur due to a nontrivial topology of the bulk quasiparticle wavefunctions. 95 more words

Condensed Matter Physics

Lexus Hoverboard | Cool Material

  • We’ve waited since Back to the Future II for a working hoverboard, and while we still don’t have one, it seems as if it’s getting closer and closer to becoming a reality.
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An additional benefit of the Hall low resistance measurement option

Metals, superconductors, and certain other materials that are characterized by low resistances can sometimes be difficult to measure in a Hall measurement system. For this, we offer the 84033 low resistance measurement option for our… 111 more words

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