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Image of the week: anisotropic dichalcogenide

In their recent Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter paper, E-W Scheidt et al explore the superconducting properties of quasi-two-dimensional superconductor 2H-NbSe2 and its intercalated variant NbSe2{CoCp2}0.26. 115 more words


Pick of the topics - JPCM's top five

Unlike the music charts there are no duds in the JPCM hot topic ‘best sellers’.  This list reveals the five topics that feature most frequently as the subject of JPCM papers in the four March issues of this year. 279 more words


Happy Birthday to superconductivity!

Well, it seems Google doesn’t care about the 104th Anniversary of the discovery of Superconductuvity. No #levitatingdoodle for us. Nonetheless today we celebrate superconductivity!
A nice occasion of outreach about this fascinating topic:
What is a superconductor?



Superconductivity was discovered on April 8, 1911. We have launched the campaign ‪#‎LevitatingDoodle‬ to ask Google for a doodle to celebrate the anniversary of the discovery. 57 more words



Blogging I came across this term while wandering on the internet . Being my first blog this is all about my personal fascination s. Searching through the most widely used search engine I came across SUPERCONDUCTORS . 89 more words


Aluminum Superatoms - High Temperature Superconducting Materials

Superconductors can carry electricity with no resistance and are used for specialized applications like MRIs, maglev trains and particle accelerators. Superconductor-based electronics would be extremely efficient because they would generate no waste heat, but he fact that they would only work at temperatures close to absolute zero makes them impractical. 468 more words

Energy Efficiency

On Air: Los superconductores del ICMM se hacen famosos!

it seems that our open days about superconductivity are so funny that even the spanish tv starts to be interested in condensed matter! The last episode of the Órbita Laika show (on air every sunday nigth) was dedicated to superconductivity. 103 more words