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Scientists aim to make superconductors that work at room temperature

The new research reveals, for the first time, a strong correlation between strontium and electron coupling.

Many superconductors are made up of bonds between copper and oxygen atoms. 385 more words


DARPA Reports Quantum Teleportation Breaktrough

Picture credit: DARPA

Star Trek fans ! DARPA says the teleporter can be activated – Beam me up, Scotty ! : 

DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration, purports to show the public what it is doing with taxpayer money… 450 more words


Our top 10 highlights of the year

Nicola Bannister

The past year (well 6 months really) have been filled with new experiences, new ideas and lots of new information and whilst they’ve been hard work, I’ve also had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun. 658 more words

Journal Of Physics: Condensed Matter

Controlling matter with light

Charles Sayers

For a recent colloquium at the University of Bath, Professor Andrea Cavalleri was invited to talk about his work on ‘controlling solid phases with light’. 855 more words

Journal Of Physics: Condensed Matter

Quantum sensors for high-precision magnetometry of superconductors

Scientists at the Swiss Nanoscience Institute and the Department of Physics at the University of Basel have developed a new method that has enabled them to image magnetic fields on the nanometer scale at temperatures close to absolute zero for the first time. 377 more words


Mastering superconductors and high field trapped field magnets

EEtimes has more details about improved superconductor theories

“The ‘critical state model’ has had continued success since circa 1963. One of its rock-solid predictions is that in order to magnetize a piece of bulk superconducting material to its maximum obtainable field, one must apply a field exceeding 2X that maximum,” professor Roy Weinstein told EE Times.

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Image of the Week: Iso-surfaces representing atom cloud above a mesoscopic disk array

This week’s image is of the iso-surfaces (at |B| = 0.003) for a trap lattice above the central part of a 10 x 10 array of mesoscopic disks from Vladimir Sokolovsky and Leonid Prigozhin 2016… 90 more words

Journal Of Physics D: Applied Physics