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Widom Larsen Superconducting Hydrides and Directed Speculation

Things I do late at night when sleep evades…

It was about 1 A.M. and “laying in bed eyes wide open” time. So I reached over and grabbed the tablet. 2,922 more words

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JPCM’s Top Five – new chart positions

Back by popular demand we present the JPCM Top Five. This list reveals the five topics that featured most frequently as the subject of JPCM papers in the five April issues of this year. 261 more words

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Superconductors - an overview

Superconductors are materials that, when chilled to extremely low temperatures (sometimes even near absolute zero) offer no resistance to electromagnetic currents. This means that if an electrical or magnetic current is induced in the superconductor, the current will continue through the object into infinity so long as the object remains below its critical temperature, or the temperature required to maintain superconductivity. 118 more words


Topic Idea

The page’s topic focuses on superconductors and their applications in the transportation industry by way of levitating trains using magnets. This technology fascinates me, as one interested in the field of electrical engineering, so I decided to make it the primary topic for this and several other pages that I also created for my web design class.


Image of the week: anisotropic dichalcogenide

In their recent Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter paper, E-W Scheidt et al explore the superconducting properties of quasi-two-dimensional superconductor 2H-NbSe2 and its intercalated variant NbSe2{CoCp2}0.26. 115 more words

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Pick of the topics - JPCM's top five

Unlike the music charts there are no duds in the JPCM hot topic ‘best sellers’.  This list reveals the five topics that feature most frequently as the subject of JPCM papers in the four March issues of this year. 279 more words

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Happy Birthday to superconductivity!

Well, it seems Google doesn’t care about the 104th Anniversary of the discovery of Superconductuvity. No #levitatingdoodle for us. Nonetheless today we celebrate superconductivity!
A nice occasion of outreach about this fascinating topic:
What is a superconductor?