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Taming Superconductors With String Theory

String theory was devised as a way to unite the laws of quantum mechanics with those of gravity, with the goal of creating the vaunted “theory of everything.” 55 more words

Introduction to the Hall Effect

Hannah Robarts

As a new PhD student, the opportunity to undertake a short exploratory training project (ETP) is one of the main appeals of a Centre for Doctoral Training. 774 more words

Condensed Matter Physics

Rise of CDTs: what are they and why were they started?

Lauren Peters

In the past decade, dozens of Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT) have been established across the UK: the PhD culture appears to be evolving. 901 more words

Condensed Matter Physics

Image of the week: hybrid devices for quantum information

This week’s image of the week comes from a recent JPCM paper exploring the combination of a superconducting flux qubit with an electron spin ensemble as a way of processing quantum information. 118 more words

Condensed Matter Physics

Lexus' Hoverboard is here

“There is no such thing as impossible, it’s just a matter of figuring out how,” – Haruhiko Tanahashi – Lexus Chief Engineer.

In the video we can see a professional skateboarder Ross McGouran re-mastering his abilities in order to conquer the hoverboard. 260 more words


JPCM topical review round-up part 6: Understanding the elusive topological superconductor

Gapped electronic systems can possess nontrivial topology and while many topological insulators have now been found, topological superconductors are much rarer.

Topological superconductors contain protected Majorana surface states, which can occur due to a nontrivial topology of the bulk quasiparticle wavefunctions. 95 more words

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