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Supercut of people getting drunk in movies

If this doesn’t get you in the mood to party, I don’t know what will.  This supercut features footage from 70 different movies, and people getting drunk in them.   14 more words


Video featured in WCSE magazine

A few days ago my supercut “Making a Film within a Film” got featured on the online magazine WCSE (writecreateshootedit.com). In the section TECHNIC>SUPERCUT. 170 more words


Can't Beat Indian Films Mashup

Lets start off with where I got the idea from? I started off with thinking I would do a music peace with some sound effects and some inspirational quotes to give who ever listens a motivation. 618 more words


Mulder's Best Friend - an X-Files Parody [Sarah Morrow]

So for assignment two I created this supercut/parody of The X-Files, to which I added a children’s song about friendly aliens and some clips of the currently popular “ayy lmao” meme. 349 more words

Oluseyi Jackson - STARWARS - SUPERCUT

For our second solo assignment we were given the task to create a Supercut” video or “remix” to the put on youtube, this had to use more than one film and mash together multiple pieces of content to create something either audible or audible and visual for soundcloud or youtube. 539 more words


Super-cut - Edoardo

My video is a super-cut of lots of individual moments of Gordon Ramsay losing it and getting very angry on his famous TV show ‘Hell’s Kitchen US’. 569 more words