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Supercut of Pixar Film References

This is a pretty great little supercut of all the film references made by Pixar over the years. Even with them lined up side-by-side a still only got about 70% of them. 54 more words


Every Pixar Reference To A Classic Movie Was Collected In One Video

Pixar is well known for being a self-referential movie studio. A Jessie doll from Toy Story 2 can be seen in Monsters Inc., a boy reads a Mr. 138 more words


What to Watch this Year: 2016 Movie Preview

(I conceptualized and produced this video supercut that looks ahead to the movies of 2016)

2016 is going to be one exciting year at the movies! 304 more words


Ready Your Nostrils For This Amped-Up Cocaine In Film Supercut

So… Do you like to party? Characters in your favorite (and not so favorite) flicks sometimes have a hankering for cocaine and a new supercut from… 185 more words


Reese Witherspoon, Viola Davis, And More Stars Reveal Which Female Celebrities Make Great Role Models

Girl power was at an all-time high when celebrities, athletes, and more turned up at New York City’s Carnegie Hall to celebrate Glamour magazine’s Women of the Year Awards on Nov. 251 more words


Meet Some Way Too 'Jolly' Kris Kringles In This Drunk Santa Supercut

Christmas isn’t Christmas until Santa “re-gifts” milk and cookies all over your lawn.

A new supercut from World Wide Interweb is placing a spotlight on one of the true treasures of this holiday season: Over-refreshed Kris Kringles. 176 more words


Spreadable Media - Analysis

My spreadable media project, a supercut about Donald Trump, has been online since October 24th. It’s a little more than a month so it’s time to summarise and see how it went. 925 more words

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