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Nerdist (Repost): Some of Our Favorite Simpsons Gags in Honor of the 600th Episode

Yet again my painstaking Every Comic Book Guy “Worst. Episode. Ever.” Supercut has been reposted! :-)

This time by Nerdist in honor of The Simpsons 600th Episode. 12 more words


Supercut & flygplats

Idag var det Vs tur att klippa sig. Lyckades få en bild där det ser bra ut för i verkligheten har alla hans fina lockar åkt bort och han har blivit hackigt klippt 😬 Men som en vis kvinna sa (alltså Moster Bettan) så växer det ut igen 👍😉 39 more words

Pop Culture Megamixes - Artefact 3

I love supercuts (a.k.apop culture megamixes), they are greats ways to ingest large amounts of data in a short space of time. Like seriously I think they can be beautiful. 316 more words


New Rogue One Supercut!

30 days, Geeks! Yeah, it’s not perfect – fan-made and all – but it’s got all be best beats from Rogue One’s impressive collection of trailers, promos, teasers, and celebration videos…in 4K resolution, no less. 17 more words


PreviouslyTV: Law & Order: Recidivist Coat Unit

Law & Order: Recidivist Coat Unit

Bundle up! …All you women in seven different episodes!

Remember that shirt that kept popping up on witnesses across multiple episodes of… 25 more words