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Enjoy This Supercut Of Every Time Jason Statham Punched Somebody In His Films

When you’ve been in the game as long as Jason Statham has, you’re bound to get some sort of compilation of your work based on one of your main attributes. 199 more words


Here's A Whimsical Supercut Surveying All The Swearing In Wes Anderson's Films

Wes Anderson’s movies are known for their style, their excellent soundtracks, and their ability to make you feel for characters who are both wonderful and damaged. 124 more words

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Phillips Phunny: Awkward Celebrity Interviews Supercut

Here’s a “supercut” of awkward celebrity interviews, and they’re pretty great.

Enjoy a “supercut” of awkward celebrity interviews. They include interviews with Samuel L. Jackson, Jesse Eisenberg, Gary Coleman, Mel Gibson, and Jerry Seinfeld.


Hearing Tarantino: a video (plus a little funny bonus) | #sounddesign

I love Tarantino movies. He’s the man. His films are interesting, fun to watch, beautiful, have amazing soundtracks and (many people may not notice) have a great, really great, sound design. 144 more words

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Found Sound 08-14-13

This is kinda funny. A 13 year old has written a song for Donald Trump, but it’s more of a “go away” sort of song. 28 more words


Watch The Amazing Schwarzenegger Explosion Supercut

Have 32 minutes?  Than you might enjoy this!  Arnold Schwarzenegger has created Overkill, a supercut of every single explosion from every movie he has starred in.    109 more words


Here's A Video Supercut Of Gamers Absolutely Losing Their Sh*t

The world is in chaos. Between global warming, the ongoing threat of terrorism from sources all around us, and the continued inexplicable reign of Donald Trump… 89 more words

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