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Kauai Thru Hollywood – Supercut

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2016 Movie Trailer Supercut

Featuring 318 film of 2016, Paul Ponte of The Screen Watchers Guild created this supercut.


Analytics of Artefacts

Artefact 1 (mobile phone recorded video)
Le Ginge

According to YouTube’s analytics software my first artefact was watched for a total of 6 minutes over 9 views between its release and 13th December. 554 more words

MSc Audio Production

8 times it was 'Christmas (Time)'

Artefact 3 (spreadable media)

It has taken me far too long to make this video. In initially coming up with the idea, in getting round to begin to create it and in the actual time it took to create it. 345 more words

MSc Audio Production

Video Performance Analysis: 4th

I have never been a particularly big fan of social media, and the idea of putting something of mine on the internet to be judged has always been a fear of mine.  683 more words

Video Editing