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PreviouslyTV: The Haunting Of Cheers Trailer

The Haunting Of Cheers Trailer

Something strange is happening at one of your favorite…haunts.

Sam Malone has a problem. His friend Gary died, his girlfriend is acting a little off, and his head waitress is seeing ghosts. 15 more words


This Musical Tribute To Dancing In '80s Movies Will Have You 'Dancing On The Ceiling'

The 1980s weren’t just about coke, New Coke and Reaganomics. They were about bodacious dance sequences in the decade’s movies, too. (Possibly fueled by those first three things.) The seductive allure of a fun film butt waggle has seduced everyone from teenage werewolf basketball superstars to the occasional wisecracking duck. 154 more words


Cause Why Not?: The Laughs of Richard Dreyfuss

Here is 3 minutes of Richard Dreyfuss Laughing, because they will put just about anything on YouTube these days.


The Self-Congratulatory Movie Title Drop

The depths of Netflix took me to watching a little known film ‘Test‘ last night. Capturing San Francisco in the 1980s, an understudy at a contemporary dance company goes through a turbulent time as he navigates the AIDS crisis. 175 more words