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Celebrities Reveal What's On Their DVR

Fall TV is finally back and we’re not the only ones who are exited about it — some of your favorite celebrities are, too!

We caught up with a number of TV stars throughout the summer to find out what they’re planning to watch this fall. 237 more words


'Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance' Contenders Show Us Exactly How They'd Use A People's Choice Award On The Island

It takes a bit of clever ingenuity to survive when you’re one of the castaways on Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance. To test the skills of this year’s contestants, we asked them to show us what they would do with if a… 236 more words


Here's video proof Idris Elba should be the next James Bond

There’s been much ado about Idris Elba as next actor to portray James Bond. Executives at Sony have joined the chorus of fans who believe… 134 more words


This Supercut of Movie Phone Calls Is The Best Game of Telephone Ever

There are certain tropes in movies that never make much of an impression until some Internet genius cuts and pastes a bunch of them together into one great supercut. 124 more words

Watch Every Major Movie Phone Call Get Mashed Up Into One Glorious Game Of Telephone

Ever wonder exactly who the people in the movies are talking to when you can’t hear the other side of the conversation? The smart money’s on the fact that they’re talking to another major character who will move the story along, but maybe Drew Barrymore wasn’t talking to a serial killer in  67 more words