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Shag fade

For my psychology majors, hey! We gotta situation ova heah. The Id, is telling me i should try this shag fade, but the Superego, is telling me I’m too old, and that I’ll look similar to Kanye. 14 more words

Adam and...Steve

When you grow up you tend to get told the world is the way it is and your life is just to live your life inside the world.

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Black Honey @ o2 Academy Leicester 2 (29/3/17)

Black Honey – o2 Academy 2 Leicester
Support From – Superego and FREAK

Yesterday we had the honour of seeing Brighton’s finest in the form of Black Honey, find out below what we were treated to last night. 613 more words


Civilization and Its Discontents p. 118

The field of ethics, which is so full of problems, presents us with another fact: namely that ill-luck – that is, external frustration – so greatly enhances the power of the conscience in the super-ego. 186 more words


The Economics of Libido: Psychic Bisexuality, the Superego, and the Centrality of the Oedipus Complex

This book is an attempt to get beyond pluralism by embedding psychoanalysis in philosophy and returning to Freud as a psychologist to link the depths of… 66 more words


One Body


Two ids walk into one body & fight over whether to break melon on the kitchen counter & eat it by the fistful or to throw the melon out a shut window & watch it break on the pavement, stabbed by shards of glass. 133 more words