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Three boys sat in a room, playing FIFA and discussing girls, making the loudest of noises; it was a ruckus. Chibuzor and Antonio had come to see their friend Temitayo, who was their classmate and third member of their gang. 1,188 more words

Short Stories

On personal goals and the Superego

I get out of bed every day and like you, I wonder what the day will bring. I always wonder what justifies me in getting up, being nice to people, giving my best efforts and so on. 1,101 more words

Stranger Freudian Things

How Freudian Theory explains why we connect with the show’s bald and red haired heros 1,224 more words

Pop Culture

Will Joseph Cook @ Dryden Street Social- 24/10/17

Will Joseph Cook has been cooking up a storm on the indie circuit over the last year. His debut album Sweet Dreamer was released in April and quickly became the soundtrack to several festivals, including 110 Above Festival in Leicestershire itself. 476 more words


Pizza dreams

It felt like a dream. I can see the bits and pieces, I know what was to my left, to my right, in front of me. 263 more words

Pensive Writing

Id, Ego and SuperEgo

Sigmund Freud proposed that the human personality was made up of 3 elements: id, ego and superego.

The id is the unconscious and impulsive part of our mind that needs immediate gratification of instincts. 240 more words


The Big Moon @ The Cookie

2017 is most definitely The Big Moon’s year. After releasing their highly acclaimed debut album , Love in the 4th Dimension, this April, the all-girl powerhouse band have been unstoppable, with a multitude of festival appearances and a Mercury Award nomination now under their belts. 653 more words