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Candle in the mind

If we wish to make a voyage into the self, we need a set of tools, with which to:

a) Investigate, as objectively as possible, what this ‘me’ is doing. 879 more words

Silent Eye School

The Personality System

Sigmund Freud, one of psychology’s most noble psychologists, has left a mark on this science through his theories and discoveries, many of which revolved around the concept of… 361 more words

Questions of 'relativity'...

“… so I thought I’d ask ‘Google’.”

“Which is why you phoned me?”

“Precisely. You know everything and you’re quicker than the internet.”

Oh gawd… 610 more words


Week 3: My Boy, Sigmund

Allow me to start this by saying that I am a total neo-Freudian. I am honestly a huge fan of the “unconscious.” Like I mentioned in class, I firmly believe that it is important to salvage what we can from Freud’s theory because whether we like it or not, he set the course for psychotherapy. 616 more words


Taming the monkey mind 🙊

So I’ve been learning about monkey mind, it goes by lots of names, poison parrot, super ego…. But basically it’s that voice or voices that live in your mind and stop you from being fabulous. 213 more words

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It's Just Wiring

I have always been fascinated by brain science—long before Mom’s brain science became such a big part of our daily lives. Neurons and synapses and the chemicals that pass between and through them. 1,040 more words

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The Conspiracy of the Ego: Part 2.

So if there’s no ego, then what is the self?

In Sanskrit, there is an idea of the self, called the atman. It undergoes experiences to realize the atman’s true self in order to reach moksha, which is liberation. 237 more words