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Playing Hearts

Don’t think you know everything

there is to know about yourself,

until you know when a compelling image

of your future does not always

evoke an egocentric No! 143 more words

Tell me about your mother, Mr. Hubbard.

For some time now, I’ve maintained the ridiculous notion (fiction?) that I’ve never been, nor ever will be, a ‘good academic’ because I tend to approach my subject with a bit more creativity or invention than one might presume of the common or proper academic.   1,179 more words

Saturday Night Live Ego.

Id, ego and superego.

        Although these three expressions refer only to symbolic conception of our psyche, this tripartite model of our inner psychology, thought of by Sigmund Freud, shows how the Id and Superego influence and finally define who we are-the Ego. 423 more words

Saturday Night Live.

Response: Medea video.

During the video, the actor made the claim that Medea was not insane but actually an extremist. Medea’s sanity can be seen from the judgment she displayed behind her actions. 179 more words

Class Assignment

I Welcome the Day

I welcome the day that takes me out of my head.

Not the kind of experience that makes you blur, distort or alter your reality by way of inducing some chemical agent.  927 more words


Oliver Sacks Learned He Has Terminal Cancer

In an article in The New York Times, Dr. Sacks discussed his diagnosis of terminal cancer, and his reaction to this diagnosis.

I know of Dr. 97 more words


id and the unknown

Instincts drive and direct behavior, the goal of which is the satisfaction of needs derived from the instincts. Needs create tension, and behavior is directed towards reduction of this tension.

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