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Postscript to Superego

Anyone familiar with this blog will know that it is an ongoing meditation on thinking, the life of ideality or spirituality, and the potential for creative freedom present in the world through the agency of the individual person. 154 more words


You are worth everything

Let’s talk about that voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough.

Do you hear it?

Is it speaking now?

How loud is it? 278 more words


Yandere, Kuudere, Tsundere

Yandere is my Id. Kuudere is my Supergo. Therefore, Tsundere is my Ego.

Kuudere would be the superego because it masters self-control of emotional expression. Yandere would be the id because it exhibits no inhibition (to the degree in which one kills the love rival in order to reach the object of cathect) at all towards the object of cathect (i.e. 31 more words

My name is Rumpelstiltskin

I thought I’d talk about the much-maligned character of Rumpelstiltskin (other spellings are available). He doesn’t come off very well in any version of the story I’ve ever read. 977 more words


Psychoanalysis, Liberalism, and Trump - AAP After Dark 3

Join James, John, and Emily for another installment of Always Already After Dark. In this episode we (accidentally?) discuss the Twilight franchise before delving into an… 236 more words


The Questioner

Q. Do you even have the slightest idea who I am?

A. I know exactly who you are.

Q. Then where were you last night when I needed you?

706 more words
Creative Process

What Is Who?: Other Great Episodes

“Hello, sweetie.” 

If you liked Dalek, other notable villain episodes:

Rise Of the Cybermen

The Age Of Steel

            This two-parter reestablishes the Doctor’s second most iconic foe, also mechanical and bent on totalitarianism. 1,451 more words