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The Only Constant is I

The only constant is i.
Fall comes; things die.
Summer comes; birds fly.
Leaves shatter, grass frays
thousand reminders, endless mistakes
stumble; fall;
twirling stairway… 644 more words


The confession of the Time Traveler's wife

This post may seem like a fiction story because it is our self-defense mechanism that makes us reason that way, that anything that happens at unconscious level, what we feel but cannot explain, those weird dreams, thoughts and images, must not be real. 2,074 more words

Daily Thoughts


I wake and want to be different
from my self. I split the word
in two to show the goshdarn seriousness
of my intent. I do this for a someone… 72 more words



I have been for some time fascinated by such realm in life that others (most people, polite company) consider unpalatable. It is not just one image or category of images, but more like a particularly low stratus in our collective Western imaginary. 763 more words

learning to land

There are so many elements of my training in becoming a psychotherapist. I attend lectures weekly and lecture seminars monthly. There are the odd days when graduates share their most recent papers on the Oedipal Complex or Winnicott’s concepts. 500 more words

The A-Sexual A-Team

ID: Saw the hottest man tonight that I’ve seen in years. He was standing in line waiting for his rolled tacos. I usually don’t go for long hair, but it was just the right length to catch my attention but not put me off entirely. 2,318 more words