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Be True

Every day I try and I work to observe and understand the people around me.
Much to my amusement, I learned more about myself. Sigmund Freud… 305 more words


The Freudian Structure and Red Pill.

I found myself thinking, about the concept of “maximum pleasure, minimum pain” often called the pleasure principle from Freudian psychoanalysis. This is the instinctual seeking of pleasure and avoidance of pain to satisfy biological and/or psychological urges. 2,085 more words


More "Moon Shot" Information and Partial Decode Rose Hannah777 "Idol Shepherd."

This is the last video and posting I intend to make on this person…  she is mocking everyone with her work and giving power to Obama and Saturn… I hope everyone can discern this for themselves going forward…  The 2 pillars are not to be confused as… 641 more words

Pineal Gland

Why I don't have a boyfriend

*When I see an unattractive girl going out with an attractive guy*

I’d: Why is that ugly girl going out with a cute guy?

Ego: Maybe because she’s not a judgmental bitch girl like you, deep down

Superego: Heh! That’s true 😂

NAO, 'For All We Know'

There’s something about the quality of Neo Jessica Joshua’s voice that is almost mythical; it’s both thick and reedy, sonorous and delicate. You may recognise her distinctive vocals from Disclosure’s defiant track ‘Superego’ from their last album release, ‘Caracal’. 82 more words

New Music

How do you turn off your inner superego-centric pessimist?

By the way, I’m actually asking the question, not answering it.

I have a very stubborn inner pessimist. Negative thinking has taken me to very many places in my life and it’s been largely a cold and dark experience. 762 more words



Then comes the moment again

When my hand grasps the pen



the absent spark

transmitted from synapses

that confounds my naive hand

The arm aches… 27 more words

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