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One cauchemar 

Last night dreamt I,

Law student at Harvard was I.

Queer seemed it quite,

Since never liked I to practice law in life.

Ego, superego, subconscious, insanity, 24 more words


Basics of psychoanalytic perspective

There are three key subsystems within the personality of an individual: the Id, ego, and superego. Id is the source of instinctual drives of two types: (a) constructive drives, and (b) destructive drives. 428 more words


Like it or Not the New Architect is Remodeling the Matrix and Leveling the Playing Field.

9/29/16 Dream

Remodeling 3d and the two veils/curtains

Before we are disconnected from Saturn

(financial collapse)

we must be “reorganized.”

The new architect is switching around the monitors… 118 more words

Merging Planes

What is Freud's Structural Model of The Human Psyche and How Can We Utilize It?

 “The ego is not master in its own house.” 
Sigmund Freud

There are three components that Freud used to explain how the mind  operates on a psychological level. 1,031 more words

Mental Health

Don't Develop Learned Helplessness

The problem with guys is that they can pretend to like you when they don’t. On the other hand, the problem with girls is that they can pretend they don’t like you when they do.



How would you describe your personality?

May be,friendly,creative,nervous,outgoing.

Greek physician HIPPOCRATES believes personality manifested in itself in four different humors.

According to traditional Chinese medicine our personality it depends on balance of five elements: Earth,Wind,Water,Metal and Fire. 834 more words


Be True

Every day I try and I work to observe and understand the people around me.
Much to my amusement, I learned more about myself. Sigmund Freud… 305 more words