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The Healthy Ego

To learn to love self is a hard road, however when we begin to learn who we (self) are, is when the doors in consciousness open with new awareness. 183 more words

Rainbow Of Life

Id and superego stay in the background

You know when you feel hungry… if you suppress it for long enough, the feeling will “disappear” from the surface (of your conscious self), as you’ll learn to adapt to it and ignore it. 360 more words

Once more on ‘neuroenhancement’ and love

Back in 2014, I wrote a critique of the work of Brian Earp and others, who were advocating for the use of oxytocin and other chemicals to be incorporated into a program for the ‘neuroenhancement’ of love. 584 more words


I did one of these two things

A blog post? Fucking original. Your definition of “being a writer” is thinning almost as bad as your uncle’s hairline. At least he’s respected by his peers. 806 more words


Don't Speak DNA Red Haired Sheep

Colin Nathaniel Scott, 23,

died on Tuesday 6/7/2014 after tripping and falling into a hot spring at Yellowstone National Park in Montana Daily Mail

TS Colin Bible Mocking as White Horse… 107 more words

Spiritual Twins

The Moral Argument

Hello, once again! It’s only been two months since my last post, so I’m doing alright. I’m back from university for the summer (second year complete – woo!) so hopefully I’ll be able to crack out a few more posts. 1,376 more words



The phone says I’m on time
And you’re not
Your watch probably tells you
That you’re on time
And that you’re Mr. Right, always
You match your socks to your shirt… 134 more words