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Id, Ego and SuperEgo

Sigmund Freud proposed that the human personality was made up of 3 elements: id, ego and superego.

The id is the unconscious and impulsive part of our mind that needs immediate gratification of instincts. 240 more words


The Big Moon @ The Cookie- 14/10/17

2017 is most definitely The Big Moon’s year. After releasing their highly acclaimed debut album , Love in the 4th Dimension, this April, the all-girl powerhouse band have been unstoppable, with a multitude of festival appearances and a Mercury Award nomination now under their belts. 653 more words


the id, the ego and the super

the id the ego and the super

letting go of one

          the other clinging dearly

                        the abyss beckons


My yappy inner critic

I spent all this past weekend painting. I usually do some art every day although it may only be a sketch. I’ve only been painting for two years, and yet, it has become a necessary part of my life. 725 more words

Inner Work

The Philosophy/ Psychology of Rick and Morty

I am a sell out, I’ll admit it, mainly because the idea for this blog post was generated out of my page analytics for the website. 1,568 more words

Postscript to Superego

Anyone familiar with this blog will know that it is an ongoing meditation on thinking, the life of ideality or spirituality, and the potential for creative freedom present in the world through the agency of the individual person. 154 more words


You are worth everything

Let’s talk about that voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough.

Do you hear it?

Is it speaking now?

How loud is it? 278 more words