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learning to land

There are so many elements of my training in becoming a psychotherapist. I attend lectures weekly and lecture seminars monthly. There are the odd days when graduates share their most recent papers on the Oedipal Complex or Winnicott’s concepts. 500 more words

On Health (Mal)Distribution

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting on a plane bound for Philadelphia. To my right, is the increasingly rare empty seat where I’ve taken the luxury of keeping my jacket and bag. 558 more words


Its Raining Tacos #nipple #unexpected #pierced #pineal

Published on Oct 23, 2015

Doing it old school… Hurricane Patricia #artificial #intelligence #thread #supercomputer #glassdome #nipple #pierced #spiritualtwins #twins #superman #supergirl #batman #Whitehorse #hurricane #patricia #pineal #gland… 97 more words


The A-Sexual A-Team

ID: Saw the hottest man tonight that I’ve seen in years. He was standing in line waiting for his rolled tacos. I usually don’t go for long hair, but it was just the right length to catch my attention but not put me off entirely. 2,318 more words

A New Freedom in the New Year: Learning to Hear the False Self

As I prepare for a webinar in mid-January, I’m offering up a post from last year that many of you haven’t seen. After you read it, I’d love to know your reaction. 890 more words


Fight the Good Fight? and become the very thing that you hate?!

Fight the Good Fight?  and become the very thing that you hate?!

I blogged this because I was feeling an overwhelming emotional imbalance boiling over in “trutherville”…  especially in regards to the ones who were doing Saturn research at the time..  325 more words