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Psychoanalysis, Liberalism, and Trump - AAP After Dark 3

Join James, John, and Emily for another installment of Always Already After Dark. In this episode we (accidentally?) discuss the Twilight franchise before delving into an… 236 more words


The Questioner

Q. Do you even have the slightest idea who I am?

A. I know exactly who you are.

Q. Then where were you last night when I needed you?

706 more words
Creative Process

What Is Who?: Other Great Episodes

“Hello, sweetie.” 

If you liked Dalek, other notable villain episodes:

Rise Of the Cybermen

The Age Of Steel

            This two-parter reestablishes the Doctor’s second most iconic foe, also mechanical and bent on totalitarianism. 1,451 more words


Heaven Sent

“I can’t always do this. Why can’t I just lose?”

Who is the Doctor from Gallifrey?

            Heaven Sent has more answers to that than almost any Doctor Who story, revealed bit by bit as the Time Lord bares his soul and overcomes his darkest hour. 377 more words


Mummy On the Orient Express

“Shut up and give me some planets”

           We jump into season eight with a semi-serialized, but fabulously creative monster of the week episode. In and of itself, that tentative mix of continuity and standalone was refreshing for the show, which had gotten rote on one side of the equation and ridiculous on the other since the beginning of Moffat’s tenure. 328 more words


The Day Of the Doctor

“A man who regrets, and the man who forgets”

           Being one of the longest-running TV shows in history, Doctor Who has an insane amount of continuity and mythology to build off of. 351 more words


The Snowmen

“He is not your salvation, nor your protector”

           In its kid-friendly, old-fashioned ways, Doctor Who has long had a tradition of producing holiday or Christmas-themed episodes to air every December 25th. 217 more words