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Captain America: Civil War Spoilers

As Captain America: Civil War rolls out worldwide, it’s time to look back on some of the more Spoiler aspects of the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie you may want to turn back now. 711 more words


Magical Girls in Basic Action Super Heroes!

“Magical Girls” have long been a staple in Japanese Animation. However they have also become popular around the world, and have influenced shows such as Star vs The Forces of Evil, Steven Universe and Winx. 369 more words



“You big meany,” the little girl with pigtails said as she stuck her tongue out. “You should stop right now.” Her rosy cheeks matched the pink in her jumper. 653 more words


Captain America: Civil War Review

The Avengers assemble for a mission in Africa, but when it ends in tragedy the United Nations step in to take control of the team. Not wanting to be forced to follow government agendas, Captain America refuses to sign up, but, a guilt ridden, Iron Man believes it’s a fair compromise. 602 more words


Rogue Telekinetic - Assistance

Jack walked out of the grocery store with a single bag in his hand and a merry tune on his lips. He stopped mid-stride when he noticed the car next to the curb. 423 more words


Brave, part 2

As night came everyone started packing up and stumbling off.  Most folded up their lawn chairs and headed for their cars, poking here and there at the bushes to find the gap to walk through to the parking lot now that it was pitch dark outside.   543 more words


Brave, part 1

The one and only time I attended my cousin’s stepdad’s third of July party I learned that it was exactly as debaucherous as everyone had been saying it was for years.    366 more words