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Rogue Telekinetic - Crotch Rocketeers

A high pitched whine sounded from behind Jack Davis as he drove to the beach on a Saturday afternoon. The whine increased in volume as he progressed further down the highway. 678 more words


Why Superheroes and pessimism don't mix

Wow, I haven’t posted here since July? My apologies, I was really really busy both with other projects and personal matters. I hope to do so more often from now on. 609 more words


Sibling Rivalry

Janice stood by the food vendor’s open door. “One deep-fried candy bar for the lovely lady.” The vendor leaned out with a smile on her face. 936 more words


Doctor Stranger Review

Get ready to marvel at the magic of Doctor Strange. 678 more words


Collision Film Is Getting A Reboot

Hello everyone! It’s been a while but I’ve decided to reboot my blog and continue on with my musings and ramblings about film. Collision Film is an outlet for me to share my views on various topics regarding film; not just regarding recent or upcoming releases but exploring vast topics one can discuss when talking about films.  696 more words

Part-Time Job

“Anderson,” Jack Abernathy’s rough voice called. “How’s the Stein project coming?”
“I can finish my part by the end of the week,” David Anderson said looking up from his laptop. 1,048 more words


Special Delivery - Edie

Edwina Gibson walked through the cube farm. Her blond hair floating just above the five foot walls that separated desks. She diverted her eyes whenever she passed someone and would only lift a hand to wave if anyone said “hi Edie” to her. 2,289 more words

Short Story