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Special Delivery - Edie

Edwina Gibson walked through the cube farm. Her blond hair floating just above the five foot walls that separated desks. She diverted her eyes whenever she passed someone and would only lift a hand to wave if anyone said “hi Edie” to her. 2,289 more words


Small Town Superhero

Dierdre was a superhero, at least in her own mind.

A binge of comic book-themed movies, from X-Men to Mugamoodi, had her thinking it was possible. 209 more words

Short Story

My Process...Superheroes and NaNoWriMo #amwriting

So… I have been working on a superhero story for about 20 days now.  I would love to say it is going well and I should be done soon. 203 more words


The Breakthrough

Brad moved through the series of maneuvers. Concentration and focus plain on his face. With a loud yell and tensing every muscle he completed the last move. 1,559 more words


Special Delivery - The Newbie

Kurt Jeffries leaned over his keyboard. He entered in the username and password form the paper HR gave him. Next, he followed several prompts. Finally, the left screen filled with the email program and the right showed the client-monitoring tool. 1,860 more words


Micro Dot

“What is your power?” Greg’s plate-like eyes reflected the florescent lights of the hall. His wide grin showed plenty of teeth. Greg’s extended hand touched Chase’s shoulder. 2,186 more words


Rogue Telekinetic – The Phone

Jack Davis walked down the wide sidewalk. It wasn’t unusual to see people bent over their smart phones as they walked. It was unusual to see more people than average doing it. 663 more words