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Supertato to the rescue!

Sue Hendra is one of our favourite authors, when Tom was little I remember reading “Barry the fish with fingers” over and over again to him! 365 more words

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Review

Anyone can save the Galaxy once, but you’ve got to be really cool to do it twice. 919 more words


Super Stan by Matt Robertson

Super Stan by Matt Robertson is a great classic picture book about the relationship between two brothers.  It is a fun simple book that looks at sibling rivalry but also brotherly love! 146 more words

Comic Books in the Internet Era

It’s my blog’s 2nd anniversary, and appropriately enough, my topic today is Comic Books, which used to be my favorite. For most of my life, I was a comic book collector- until I quit a few years ago, driven out by the cynicism I felt was included in most modern superhero stories. 297 more words


Rogue Telekinetic - Crotch Rocketeers

A high pitched whine sounded from behind Jack Davis as he drove to the beach on a Saturday afternoon. The whine increased in volume as he progressed further down the highway. 678 more words


Why Superheroes and pessimism don't mix

Wow, I haven’t posted here since July? My apologies, I was really really busy both with other projects and personal matters. I hope to do so more often from now on. 609 more words


Sibling Rivalry

Janice stood by the food vendor’s open door. “One deep-fried candy bar for the lovely lady.” The vendor leaned out with a smile on her face. 936 more words