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Issues on Coney Island Avenue

Marc was busy studying his Tehillim and Gemara.  The last few weeks went by without a hitch. Work was fine.  Spring training kicked off.  He went on two dates with two different ladies.   645 more words

We do Not Negotiate with Terrorists (17.0)



It is surprising to note how often Maxwell suffered defeat, not to say wounds. He was not impervious to any kind of harm, especially when it came to non-kinetic damage like fire, lasers, acid, and so on. 421 more words

Review: Black Panther (2018)


Unless you are living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of a little indie movie called Black Panther and how it is such a historic success. 647 more words


Nestlé PURE LIFE launches its HERO BOTTLES at the Superheroes Meet

Nestlé PURE LIFE, Pakistan’s favorite water, launched its HERO BOTTLES at its first ever Superheroes Meet. The event was held in Lahore and was attended by key opinion leaders, Socialites, Nutritionists, Beauticians, Fitness Trainers, famous Bloggers and Twitteratis. 299 more words


Day 79--the good, bad, and ugly

in reverse order…

the ugly: I think Robin-the-Tutor has noticed that I’m getting fat. Today she said that every time I answer a question wrong, I have to do ten burpees, AND every time I answer a question right, she gets to eat one of my chocolates!!! 25 more words

Black Panther! Finally!

Been looking forward to seeing Black Panther since last year when they announced there will be a Black Panther movie! It has finally arrived in theaters and I liked it! 75 more words