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JUSTICE LEAGUE: The final dying breath of the DCEU

12A, Dir: Zack Snyder, Cast: Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Runtime: 119 Minutes

There’s a desperation involved with Justice League. It runs deeper than just the “All In” marketing campaign or the structural similarities to  1,145 more words


Lessons for 2017 Superhero Films: Spider-Man (2002)

Released in 2002, the original Spider-Man is what arguably kicked off the superhero movie craze*. As we enter what might be the peak saturation point for the genre, re-watching the spidey film for perspective reveals less how far the genre has come, and actually highlights where it has faltered.  617 more words


Justice League - 2017

Concieved as the DC universe’s answer to the Avengers, this film had a lot of potential and, as a comic book fan, I was hopeful. But as much as there was to love about this film, there was slightly more to frustrate. 151 more words


Last Week in Geek-dom: The Punisher

Marvel/Netflix’ The Punisher starts remarkably similar to Luke Cage: character introduced in previous show comes home after finishing his justice/vengeance quest; old friend suggests he put his special skills to use, and he does to protect a kid who was forced into crime; a female officer of the law wants to investigate our hero, and her partner thinks she’s kind of crazy. 343 more words

[Review US Movie] Justice League 2017: Snyder, Whedon, WB ? Whatever... Bad Team-work Production

Puncak penantian awal DCEU sudah dimulai. Dengan berbagai cobaan dihadapi universe ini, mulai dari rating kejam yang berlebihan, serangan berbagai rumor berbagai media, ketidak jelasan proyek, hingga berbagai masalah internal, jelas nada pesimisme selalu menaungi universe ini. 968 more words

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The Lego Batman Movie (2017) Movie Review

The Lego Batman Movie is a 3d computer-animated superhero comedy directed by Chris McKay. Batman (Arnett) can handle anything even while listening to his own soundtrack when he is crime fighting. 353 more words


#29: Ninja aka Cable & Deadpool #3

Wade’s World: the Deadpool Podcast Episode #29!


In this week’s episode, our (anti)heroes Lilith Hellfire and I discuss the good and bad of Fox movies, how to motivate Fox executives, Superhero TV shows, reflections of modern politics in this issue, and the comics work of artist Patrick Zircher! 85 more words