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A Dig At Wonder Woman In Ms. Marvel #1 From 1977

I’ve been enjoying Kelly Sue DeConnick and Dexter Soy’s new Captain Marvel series so much that I recently picked up Essential Ms. Marvel Volume 1… 332 more words

Wonder Woman

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I've been reading up on WW and Captain Marvel. Couldn't resist this.


PAT PATRIOT – Last time around I examined the forgotten Golden Age superheroine Fantomah. Since Liberals and Conservatives have to inject their bickering into everything my look at Fantomah prompted Conservatives to accuse me of secretly being a Liberal because, after all, only ONE of Fantomah’s villains was non-white.  396 more words


Our First Valentine's Day Homeless Outreach

Our first big outreach event was a success!

Yesterday, members of our San Francisco Bay Area team brought enough food water and compassion for 300 people to SF’s Civic Center. 51 more words


Batgirl: lighten up, Gotham!

Don’t get me wrong, I like Batman and all, but I don’t see why every DC comic has to be equally grim and dark. Surely each should have its own feel? 990 more words



Balladeer’s Blog’s examination of the neglected Golden Age superheroine Fantomah concludes with a look at the final eight stories penned by the one and only Fletcher Hanks under his pseudonym Barclay Flagg. 2,628 more words


Spider-Woman: 130 pounds and a story of one's own.

The problem with the new Spider-Woman comic is evident right on the splash page. These usually have a capsule version of the character’s origin, so newcomers can get caught up with the story. 646 more words



Balladeer’s Blog presents the first in my new series about neglected comic book superheroes and heroines of the distant past. With superhero movies and television shows being so popular right now it put me in the mood for some of the obscure and forgotten figures from the Golden Age. 1,994 more words