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Sound Lily - The People's Voice

Sound Lily has the ability to manipulate sound. A young woman who was not born a hero but made herself into one for the sake of others, against all her fears and anxieties. 19 more words

Mind Weaver - The Heart's Desire

Mood Weaver has the power to manipulate emotions. She is an accomplished internet celebrity and the self-acclaimed idol of the Antipodes. However, no one really knows how deep and wide is the reach of her influence. 10 more words

Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)


AFFILIATION: The Justice League

FIRST APPEARANCE: All-Star Comics #8 (1941)


Twelve thousand years before the birth of Christ, during the time of the Olympians, the Greek Goddesses collected the souls of all women who had died at the hands of men, and reincarnated them as a fierce race of warriors. 910 more words


Meet Violet of Skin Gourmet, the superheroine creating edible food for the skin

If you missed the previous post of our interview with Vera of Startright Infant Nutrition then check it out here. She is doing great in the world of child nutrition and I call her the “baby chef”. 1,281 more words

Life Experiences

Discovery of the week: Meet Vera the superheroine transforming the diet of babies and kids in Ghana and Africa

As a mother or father, the first six months of your baby’s eating life might be based on solely breast milk or formula depending on your situation. 2,134 more words

Aspire To Inspire

Zine Project: The Male Gaze and Comics

The “male gaze,” a term mostly used in regards to film, refers to the assumption of filmmakers that the audience is comprised solely of male viewers. 1,173 more words

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