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Female Superheroes

Where are all the female superheroes?

Have you ever noticed how few known female superheroes there are?

Go ahead and name some….

I bet if I asked you to name artists from history, they would be mostly male, if I asked you to name only female artists, I’m guessing it would take you longer. 565 more words

Nate follows Jaycee’s gaze. She’s focused on the bump lying on a bench that’s shadowed by the longest branch of a huge oak. Their breath forms clouds.

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The Problem With 'Arrow's' Portrayal of Black Canary

Over my month-long Christmas break, I decided it was high time for me to start the show that began DC Comics’ television universe, Arrow’. Airing its first episode back in 2012, ‘Arrow’ 348 more words


5 Underrated Superheroines of DC Animated Universe

I always prefer DC over Marvel because I find most of the DC Superhero’s or heroines very much relatable. Yet another reason to love DC is because of the number of Superhero’s without Superhuman abilities but just the skills they possess after training. 402 more words


ShoutDown Observation of the TV Show Scorpion

On the 27 February 2017 episode of the TV Show Scorpion season 3 episode 18 titled Don’t Burst My Bubble; a girl named Ada Pearce in Lancaster, California has to be kept in a sterile environment due to a form of immune anemia. 247 more words


Super“heroines” have moves not movies

She is strong, she is powerful, but she can only be a shinning trophy not the central character of a film.

Black Widow, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch and Cat Woman, these might be some of the characters that come to your mind when asked to think about female superheroes. 412 more words


My Top 3 Favorite Super Heroines

When you’re a parent, choosing your favorite child can seem impossible because you “love every single one of them equally.” Except us kids know differently. There is definitely a hierarchy of favorite kid to worst. 937 more words