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Codename: Lady Girl Woman

What’s in a name? Not a heck of a lot, if you look at the stable of female superheroes in the comic book world. These girls shift their names more often than comics get rebooted, often shifting their identities with the change of name. 700 more words

I guess I'm a DC fan

It’s official. My favorite superheroes are DC heroes….
Nightwing and Starfire.

I dunno I’ve always liked Nightwing ever since I saw him on the Batman cartoon. 370 more words


Agent Carter Review 2/2/2015

Review of the television show Agent Carter, in the 2/2/2015 issue of The Argo, Stockton University’s student newspaper.

The entire paper is featured here in this PDF.

The Argo

Wonder Woman’s New Look

More DC news! Last month, they offered up a mini-reboot of the DC universe, undoing some of the more recent storylines and introducing new looks for 2 of their key characters: Superman and Wonder Woman. 661 more words

KO: Superheroine Fights Islamophobia

So a bunch of people in SanFran decided that they were going to exercise their right to free speech by placing a number of ads with the local bus company. 564 more words

I Need a Hero(ine)

The Ages of Wonder Woman: Essays on the Amazon Princess in Changing Times – ed. Joseph J. Darowski
A Golden Thread: An Unofficial Critical History of Wonder Woman… 2,071 more words


Feisty Superheroine Cosplay Photography

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Special Thanks To All Cosplay Models And Photographers

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