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If we do not compare and have a system to measure against others how does our ego know whether we are better or not?

Imagine what a world would be like if we did not measure ourselves against others. 40 more words


The Fundamentals of Biological Superiority

To many, talking about race in Get Out is an immediate go-to. The conflicts of race relations and beliefs of racial superiority run rampant throughout the scenes in Jordan Peeleā€™s 2017 film. 818 more words

Against Superiority

When I read about the massacre in the New Zealand mosques (as of now, 49 people have died, and the suspect is a white nationalist), I felt, in addition to sadness and disgust, a renewed rejection of superiority. 1,178 more words

Life Is Better When You Like More Things

I read that quote somewhere fairly recently. And I can’t find the original article any more, so I can’t attribute it; and to boot, I’m probably mis-quoting it (if you remember where it came from, let me know). 754 more words

This And That

I'm Better Than You.

The Superiority Complex. Big words, I know. It’s something we all face. Maybe even everyday. Maybe your shoes were a nicer brand than the girl at the bus stop, and you automatically saw her as ‘lower’ than you. 216 more words


Cynicism and judgment, pt. 2

This is a follow-up to my previous post. In this one, I hope to reflect on some of my past missteps. Read or skim the previous post for context if you choose. 1,137 more words