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Combatting Comparison Part 2: How to Turn Comparison into Opportunities to Encourage Yourself and Others

Making comparisons—we
all do it.

We’re taught
this skill as a positive thing from the time we’re young. So why is it able to
have such a negative outcome when we get older? 1,350 more words

Heart Soul Mind

Y. T. McWhitey speaks (and you better listen)

Hi, my name is Y. T. McWhitey. Friends and enemies alike call me Y. T. I have a confession to make. I have white privilege! Not because there is anything special about me or anything. 865 more words

I learn French to one up other people.

Learning French to me is all about being better than other people. This is what I like about learning a language. It’s an exclusive club. I love exclusive clubs. 529 more words


The covert, subtle narcissist

When I think about the narcissist personality I picture an extroverted person, who welcomes or even demands attention from others, but it appears that this is not true. 625 more words


Conferring Superiority

“In feudal times the aristocracy had sent their sons to university, conferring superiority on the institution. Nowadays it was the other way round: the university conferred superiority on the man. 46 more words


Champion of the Gods (pt13)

War flipped her up, then without getting off her back swept Shu-fang’s feet from underneath her. There was no way she could stop that, but she could turn it into a back-flip. 115 more words

Short Story

We Are Not The Same Pt. 1

You: “I’m gonna go to Starbucks and work on my novel while drinking a latte.”
Me: “I’m gonna go to Taco Bell and drink Mountain Dew while posting bullshit to the internet.” 204 more words