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The Consistency of Living

Do you often have that existential moment? Where you look around at your surroundings, and go, “Oh. Fuck. I’m living my life. Right now.” Life is made up of all these little stages you go through. 393 more words

Do you remember Saturday morning cartoons? You know, the good ones with all the subtle violence and adult themes that we were oblivious to during our youthful ignorance? 876 more words

'The Three Stooges' Is Returning To TV As An Animated Series

Last month, news hit that a sequel to 2012’s The Three Stooges is coming. If you’re a fan of the classic TV series but not the the recent big-screen iteration of Moe, Larry, and Curly then this news might be for you. 252 more words



You love Superjail? I love Superjail.

Have some of this jolly rainbow trash. <3

Adult Swim's Superjail Season Finale: First Look at the Warden's Big Change

The Warden is on a mission during Sunday’s Superjail season finale (Cartoon Network, 11:45/10:45c), and he’s getting it done in his jammies. 61 more words


The Myth of Superjail: Camus and Cartoon Incarceration

Superjail! is an odd cartoon, so while watching it I’ve been trying to think of any odd ways I could write about it.

Then one day as I was about to go to bed, it struck me. 767 more words