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Superman: The Wedding & Beyond

With all the doom and gloom in so many of the recent comics, it’s nice to finally read a good old-fashioned love story.

I was more than a little upset when a brief reference was made to Clark and Lois having broken up in a past comic. 714 more words

DC Universe

Superman: American Alien #6

Written by Max Landis
Drawn by Jonathan Case
Published by DC Comics


Max Landis continues his rewrite of Superman’s origin. It’s a year since the previous issue, with Clark firmly established in his duel-identity of Superman, who has become quite a citywide sensation. 421 more words


Superman: Doomsday

I have to begin this post by acknowledging that this is more of a half-post, as I didn’t read the entire trade.

As Mistah J informed me prior to reading, this collection features various Doomsday appearances across multiple points in the comic continuity, many of which I haven’t reached yet.  817 more words

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The Return of Superman

How does a hero return from the dead?

After the events in The Death of Superman, Metropolis, and indeed the whole world, was left wondering how it would go on without Earth’s mightiest hero to defend it. 875 more words

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World Without a Superman

I never thought a simple comic could make me so emotional.  I should have known better.

Death is never the saddest part of a story; no, the heart-wrenching emotion comes later, as the deceased’s loved ones try to come to terms with their loss and pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.  906 more words

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The Death of Superman

Here’s yet another instance of me really hating how many spoilers are given away by trade paperback covers.

Okay, okay, I know I can’t really complain, since this storyline was originally published over twenty years ago, and it’s not exactly a well-guarded secret that Superman dies at some point during his decades-long run.  758 more words

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Superman: Panic in the Sky

I had to do a bit of back-and-forth between this trade and Superman: They Saved Luthor’s Brain!, since this storyline lies smack-dab in between stories in that trade.  486 more words

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