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Superman: Ruin Revealed

Welcome to day one of “Infinite Crisis Week” here at Holy Comics, Batman!  What does that mean, you ask? Well, it means I read all of… 708 more words

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Superman: Strange Attractors

With all of the goings-on in the recent trades on “the shelf”, it’s nice to take a small step back and be able to enjoy smaller, more self-contained stories.  392 more words

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Superman: Sacrifice

These recent comics are really stepping up their game as they lead up to Infinite Crisis, not only in terms of story content but also the way in which various titles intersect.  840 more words

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Top Five Movies

1 Jaws

2 The Thing

3 Enter the Dragon

4 Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn

5 Superman: The Movie and Superman II

Naturally when I say Top Five Movies it’s my own personal favourites that I’m discussing I doubt anyone, with any accuracy, can point out that there are five movies that are better than all the rest. 999 more words


Superman: That Healing Touch

Reading a comic that is clearly a continuation of a previous storyline, when you haven’t read said storyline, can be quite confusing. Alas, that’s the boat I found myself in when I picked up… 722 more words

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Superman/Batman: Supergirl

Here’s yet another instance of me really wishing a trade cover didn’t give away the entire plot point of a comic.

Granted, I’m probably being nit-picky, as I’m sure back in 2004 it was  well-publicized that Supergirl was going to return; I’m sure few people opened up this comic and viewed her reappearance as a complete surprise.  824 more words

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Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Superman: Hero. Leader. Wanted man?

In this Jeph Loeb-written story, that’s exactly what Superman is.  President Lex Luthor has been informed that a large meteor of Kryptonite is headed straight for earth.  543 more words

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