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I am not sure if it is something in the water but, for an island which is only 5 miles/8 km long by 9 miles/14.5 km wide, Jersey produces a remarkable amount of successful entertainers for both the stage and screen. 414 more words


Superman: Man of Steel statue swoops in, designed by Gary Frank

“People are afraid of what they don’t understand,” uttered Jonathan Kent in 2013’s Superman: Man of Steel. And in a world encompassing complex Middle Eastern political conflicts and cryptic adolescent phrases like “ 103 more words

How the Man of Steel should have went part 2

Part one was the set up now here with part two we bring on the action! I really have no beef with the action in MoS but this is where my story differs from the film (Ya know more than it has). 2,442 more words

San Diego Comic-Con exclusive: Superman: Man of Steel statue

Another in our recently acquired set of comic-con exclusives (see others here, here and here), this black-outfitted 13-inch Superman statue is based on the iconic film… 122 more words

You can absolutely judge a book by its Colorforms cover

Comic companies in the 90s were gluttonous disgusting pigs. Once they discovered the printing process to make novelty covers shiny and glow-in-the-dark, they decided that this was just the excuse they needed to mark up every few books in a series to 3-times the ordinary cost. 497 more words

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Disney’s Hercules reminded me a lot of Superman’s origins.

God alien same difference as far as humans are concerned.

Found by a farmer and his wife? 510 more words