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Day 57: Superman: The Man Of Steel #19 (1993)

COMIC TITLE: Superman: The Man Of Steel #19 (1993)
Louise Simonson– Writer
Jon Bogdanove– Artist
January 1993
DC Comics

A week or so ago, we went into the vaults of Marvel Comics to check out an issue from 17 years ago and now we wanted to do the same for DC Comics. 368 more words

Comic Book Review

Kenner Superman: Man of Steel Solar Suit Superman figure (1995)

Here is another figure from the line of Superman: Man of Steel action figures released in 1995.  This Solar Suit Superman, part of series two, is sculpted with tech-looking armor and comes with a “Space Probe Launcher Backpack.”  The backpack can fire (via spring-load) a plastic “space probe” and the wings are detachable and can be held in the figures hands as “deflector shields.”  The figure also came with a collectible trading card illustrated by Joe Jusko.


Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) - reviewed by George

This is the champ of too-long movies; it just goes on and on. Sure, there are some really good sequences, like the car chase where the Batmobile is incredible, but they are too far apart. 397 more words


Kenner Superman: Man of Steel Limited Edition Cyber-Link Superman and Cyber-Link Batman figures (1996)

Released in 1996 by Kenner was this Cyber-Link Superman figure and Cyber-Link Batman figure set.  This was a limited edition expansion of their 1995 Superman: Man of Steel… 42 more words


Kenner Superman: Man of Steel Street Guardian Superman figure (1995)

In 1995, Kenner released a series of figures and vehicles under the banner of Superman: Man of Steel which was a fairly new comicbook series at the time.   59 more words