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Guardians of the Galaxy: Not Exactly a Review, But...

While I may have been content to wait for Hobbit 3: The Manhattan Project to come out on DVD so I can watch characters with the same names as those from a book I read once spend 3 hours flailing about trying to kill a dragon, my Dad, bless his heart, wanted to see it in theatres, and who am I to turn down a christmas gift movie, especially one that my girlfriend is excited to see (she’s loves the Jackson LotRs movies even more than I love the source material)?  874 more words

Saturday Stuff

Lots of good stuff in today’s Saturday Stuff…

*DC/Warner Bros. has now offered up its slate of movies (with titles) through 2020.  Check it out! 74 more words


"Man of Steel" Movie review

When “Man of Steel” came out last year, it was not on my list of movies to see. I’d already seen plenty of superman adaptations and I didn’t feel like giving another one a try. 407 more words

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