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Why I Waited So Long to Read Nietzsche, continued

Continuing my answer to the previous post, “Why I Waited So Long to Read Nietzsche”: I spent much of my adolescence in church, doing my best to walk the walk, to live as I believed, as a Christian, a follower of Christ, to be like Jesus (and failing miserably in my ignorance and immaturity), and, unsurprisingly, Nietzsche was high on the list of writers and thinkers to avoid because of the poisonous, mind-melting, faith-crushing consequences of engaging his thought. 402 more words

Kathleen Higgins

How to Defeat a Superman

Well it is once again Thursday, and as it turns out I will once again be talking about one of my favorite Superman moments in comics. 409 more words

A Red Mage

Justice League Banner Featuring Big Blue Himself

Everyone knows Superman will be in Justice League despite being “dead” after the events of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. So the marketing has been playing it fast and loose with featuring the Man of Steel. 23 more words

DC Extended Universe

Superman Driving

Superman got a chance to drive the boat too!

Pops stayed nearby to help but even at this angle you can see signs of his grin.



The Man of Steel’s Ethics as Propaganda

By Horus Alas

I’ll assume most of you have heard of Superman at some point in your lives. He’s one of DC Comics’ most iconic characters, and if you… 865 more words

University Of Maryland

DC Direct Batman Hush Superman figure (2004)

From the comic book story arc called Batman Hush written by Jeph Loeb came a line of action figures. Designed by artist Jim Lee this… 39 more words


Something personal

Confession: these days I kind of don’t like it when people ask me how I’m doing. I don’t know what to tell them. I’m usually doing okay by most standards: I get stuff done, I can function throughout the day, I don’t talk about him a lot, I’m normal with my friends. 338 more words

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