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Riding to Adventure

Thunderer decided that she wanted to watch what Superman was playing on his 3DS.

What better position than hopping on his back?

“What brother, go that way!” she seems to be saying to him… if he’s even noticed her on him. :p



Supergirl started its production today!!!

The pilot for CBS’s upcoming show, “Supergirl” officially started its production today!

Executive producers, Andrew Kreiskerg and Ali Alder posted some very explicit pictures announcing the beginning of the production today. 159 more words


Nurse Joke of the Day 3/4/15

One of the few jokes I’ve ever been able to remember:

Guy walks into a bar on the top floor of a tall building.
He sits at the bar. 134 more words


The capers of Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Nappy Boy

As D is three it’s been quite hard getting him to understand why Little O is always in an incubator, and why, when he comes out for cuddles he can’t play. 202 more words


My Heroes aren't Super

Brace yourselves, boys and girls, this is likely to turn into one of those “When I was a girl” rants.

Still with me? Bless your brave soul. 871 more words