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Superman 169 - Mr. Mxyzptlk gets lockjaw, Sally Selwyn returns, and the Bizarros invade

The cover of Superman 169 (May 1964) announces “The Bizarro Invasion of Earth,” as well as “The Great DC Contest.”  But guess what, the two are really one and the same! 469 more words

RUMOR HAS IT: New Superman Game Leaked

Now that Batman’s video game universe is winding down, I guess the folks at Warner want another big superhero game name.

Who bigger than Superman? 55 more words


What To Expect From Batman vs Superman

While we’re still quite some time away from March 2016 and the release of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. 1,059 more words


Superman 168 - the hero of Lexor

Leo Dorfman joins Hamilton, Swan and Klein for an all-Luthor issue of Superman, number 168 (April 1964).

The story follows on the ending of the previous issue, with Luthor now living on Lexor, and in a relationship with Ardora.  507 more words

read: Action Comics no.42 (2015)

That was a great read. I like where Superman is heading. It takes current matters and presents them in the DC-Universe. The people fighting for their rights and the law enforcement struggling with their current role of protectors of the upper classes of human society. 24 more words


Superman 167 - Luthor learns Brainiac's secret

A great cover on Superman 167 (Feb. 64), as we reach the apex of the 1960s Superman stories, in this issue and the following one. 435 more words


When NAPOLEON conquered Europe he pretended he was JULIUS CAESAR. When Caesar conquered the known world he pretended he was ALEXANDER THE GREAT. When Alexander conquered the world he was pretending to be a Greek demigod. 821 more words