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On Christopher Nolan

Just watched the new trailer for his next film: Dunkirk. A war story based in WWII, a tired and overused genre. All we see is a single shot of few soldiers in a ship, scared, travelling in an unknown location, ready to die. 337 more words


Gamecube Game Conditions Part 1

Sonic Adventure DX: Directors Cut – Works until you meet Tails

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle – Will not load at all

Super Mario Sunshine – Works fine apart from Theme Park World… 16 more words


#Mario #SuperMario #Bowser #supermariobros #bowsercastle #plumber #cosasquedicen #stuffpeoplesay #Ruyf

#Mario #SuperMario #Bowser #supermariobros #bowsercastle #plumber #cosasquedicen #stuffpeoplesay #Ruyf

Gamecube Games to be posted on later...

When I was younger, I used to play on my Gamecube, which is now broken. They were home game consoles by Nintendo which were released in 2001. 79 more words


I first started drawing seriously after my Dad took me to an introduction to drawing manga class when I was about 10 or 11. Before that I had always been into art, drawing and doodling all the time, but I had never taken it seriously. 63 more words

Mum Guilt. 

As I was laid in bed last night I was thinking about what we had done through the day. The weather was hit and miss so we didn’t venture out anywhere and decided on a lazy day. 334 more words


2016 May Loot Crate Lvl Up Unboxing (Power)

Loot Crate Lvl Up is a monthly subscription. You can get geeky nerdy wearables, tees, accessories, and socks.
I have the Loot Socks Subscription. Pricing for the Socks: 121 more words