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I first started drawing seriously after my Dad took me to an introduction to drawing manga class when I was about 10 or 11. Before that I had always been into art, drawing and doodling all the time, but I had never taken it seriously. 63 more words

Mum Guilt. 

As I was laid in bed last night I was thinking about what we had done through the day. The weather was hit and miss so we didn’t venture out anywhere and decided on a lazy day. 334 more words


2016 May Loot Crate Lvl Up Unboxing (Power)

Loot Crate Lvl Up is a monthly subscription. You can get geeky nerdy wearables, tees, accessories, and socks.
I have the Loot Socks Subscription. Pricing for the Socks: 121 more words

Level HF9199: failed . 

Never really a goal-driven person, who thoughtfully lists out goals and objectives, and glues that holy checklist high up on the desk, evaluates it from time to time, crossing out the accomplished and of course not forgetting to top it up with one or two bullet points, in firm determination to challenge the self to strive higher, aim further. 500 more words

Princess Peach: Every Boy's (Forced) Fantasy

Princess Peach: Every Boy’s (Forced) Fantasy

            The advent of new media and technology has brought in the fascinating field of internet studies. Much at a similar time, another new media appeared in the entertainment and visual field: video games. 2,316 more words


*Mario's Question Block Number Square DIY*

This was such an easy DIY.

  1. You just need to open up any image you want as a background in either Powerpoint or Publisher
  2. Then you can add a text box or table over it.
  3. 94 more words

*Kamek's Contractions*

An amazing school resource that I found online is a download from the website Teacher’s Pet Displays called Contractions Folding Cards (Black & White) and… 89 more words