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Happy 30th NES! 30th Anniversary Special Interview

In 1985 mid October, The United States met Nintendo and the gaming world changed forever in the hearts and minds of parents and children. I was also born this year and my family had a NES ever since I could form memories. 139 more words

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Sew many costumes

Well, it is now October, and last month I used my book stipend to buy hubby and a new game system, the Wii U, and we have been playing a bit of Super Mario 3D World. 577 more words

Super Mario

It is said that the greatest loss in life is not when we die, but rather what dies in us while we are yet alive. The graveyard is reputed to be the wealthiest place on the earth because it is home to a lot of dreams unachieved, potentials unprocessed and possibilities unattained. 591 more words

Where Mario Stands.

Take a long deep breath, inhaling slowly, and release, allowing all of that negativity and tension to escape your body. Repeat. Now, repeat again. There… are we feeling better now, if not a little lightheaded? 1,029 more words


Celebrating an American Icon

The year is 1981. A man, short in stature but powerful in presence is born. Many of people know him for the stylist suspenders, classic mustache and 46 inch vertical. 72 more words


Why Yoshi's Woolly World is my most anticipated Wii U game that's coming in the Fall.

It’s safe to say that Nintendo’s E3 was a disaster. Nintendo has been taking a TON of flak from gamers and even Nintendo fans who would defend the company like it was their own child; it’s an issue that Nintendo has faced with the Wii U ever since it launched. 453 more words


E3 2015 Day 1 Thoughts (Nintendo, Square Enix)

The most disappointing day for video games ever (har har har).


Nintendo managed to show off three of my most anticipated games, and I still felt really disappointed in their show. 1,161 more words