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Why Yoshi's Woolly World is my most anticipated Wii U game that's coming in the Fall.

It’s safe to say that Nintendo’s E3 was a disaster. Nintendo has been taking a TON of flak from gamers and even Nintendo fans who would defend the company like it was their own child; it’s an issue that Nintendo has faced with the Wii U ever since it launched. 453 more words


E3 2015 Day 1 Thoughts (Nintendo, Square Enix)

The most disappointing day for video games ever (har har har).


Nintendo managed to show off three of my most anticipated games, and I still felt really disappointed in their show. 1,161 more words


Mario Maker Now Super Mario Maker.

June 14th/2014

Mario Maker has now been officially renamed to Super Mario Maker.

The Mario-level building game was previewed at E3 2014, and is being largely looked forward to amoung the Nintendo community. 89 more words


Mario Cart: Fury Road

With all the hype surrounding the new Max Mad, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a whole lot of these sorts of parodies in the near future.