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The return of the 2D Platformer!

Hi my loyal subjects!
How are you doing?
It’s been awhile..sorry.
I’ve been in a never ending void that has stolen my large intestine and both knee caps…. 274 more words

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

When Captain Toad came out a few years ago, I was jealous of those with a WiiU. Toad is the most underused character in the Mario franchise and to see him get his own spin off excited me so much! 872 more words


"Game over", or is it? How to convert something "tragic" into something "fire"- by VintageRetroman

I remember back on the Holiday Season of 1991. The scene was Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem NC. As i reflect back on some of my favorite memories with my dad, this particular recollection stands out to me. 507 more words


Portfolio Piece – “Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins” – Nintendo Gameboy – Game Review for www.starstruckgaming.com

Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins

Nintendo Gameboy

Reviewed by Stevie Migan

“A game review written for StarStruck Gaming on 23rd March 2018. Really lovely memories of this game from my childhood and it was a pleasure to play through again to 100% completion this week.  1,060 more words


SOLD- Extra Large Pre-Shrunk get a life mushroom shirt in excellent condition.

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XL Pre-shrunk Pre-owned “Get a life” mushroom shirt in good condition.


Monopoly Gamer Fake Bowser Card

We have the edition in which Bowser is omitted as a character. We had a discussion about what powers he should have, and I made a fake card to go with the rest. 28 more words


Super Mario Sunshine

A Gamecube Masterpiece.

One of my favorite games, Super Mario Sunshine is a fun and beautiful game for its time. It’s the second in Mario’s series of open-world platformers and the third highest-selling Gamecube game of all time, we see Mario in a brand new land and scenario to thwart the heinous villainy beneath the sand. 620 more words