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Super Mario Bros. 3 and the NES - On That Day 25 Years Ago...

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the inaugural edition of “Games with Coffee.” Ready to get this journey started? Then grab a chair, top up your mug and get ready to travel down Memory Lane, because I got a bunch of questions to ask you: 1,225 more words


My Top 5: Nintendo GameCube Titles

With the Nintendo Switch newly upon us and rightfully distracting us all, I thought it may be the right time to reminisce into Nintendo’s past starting with (in my opinion) Nintendo’s best and most underrated games console: The Nintendo GameCube. 1,357 more words


What Nintendo can do to make the Switch a success

Under two weeks away from the release of the Switch, there is a lot of speculation going around as to how it is going to do.   834 more words


Valentine's Games

With Valentine’s Day this week, some player-ones will be carving out some dedicated time to spend with their player-twos. In the event that you both have the shared interest of wanting to stay in and have some romantic two-player adventures, we’ve compiled a list of games sure to help fuel the fires of passion during Cupid’s holiday. 706 more words


Super Mario Maker

En af de charmerende ting ved GAMING as in LEARNING er, at der kan tænkes lidt ud af boksen og det hele i og for sig ikke behøver være så poleret, som det forlagene sender ud. 287 more words

I Undervisningen

Nintendo Switch: A Home or Portable Console?

Many have been debating the ‘proper’ use of Nintendo’s upcoming console, the Switch. I for one am confused as to which direction Nintendo wishes to take the Switch, and it does seem I am not alone in this sentiment. 444 more words