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Supermarket Sweep - Part 4

I head back downstairs to tackle the supermarket shelves. The smell of fresh baked bread is irresistible. They pump it through the shop just to get you to the bakery department and you end up buying 3 loaves of bread that you really don’t need. 559 more words

Supermarket Sweep - Part 3

At my local Asda store, upstairs is the home of the George clothes department. I love clothes shopping, and if I can get my fix whilst buying bananas and toilet rolls, then it’s like all my Christmas’s have come at once. 700 more words

Supermarket Sweep - Part 2

To be far from the maddening crowd, I head towards the travelator to take me up to the next floor. For those of you unfamiliar with the travelator, it’s basically a ramped escalator so that trolleys can use it. 218 more words

Supermarket Sweep - Part 1

It’s 8:00. PM that is. What am I doing? Sitting in front of an impossibly small TV, in a freezing cold house, watching repeats of Housewives of somewhere or other. 400 more words

Stop the clock and reset the counter.

I thought that reading would help me, in terms of becoming more blog profligate. It kind of has, but I can’t seem to get through more than a page or two without getting an idea for a new one, which is slowing my reading to a snails pace. 842 more words


Strange Snacks

The tastebuds of the people in this country are very peculiar.  A while back I was in the supermarket with a hankering for junk food. So I sauntered over to the potato chip aisle just knowing there would be something for me, especially since I have seen Lay’s and Pringles brand advertisements about the city. 453 more words

Generally Speaking

Is Impossible!

A portion of the story I like to call “The Day I Got My Engagement Pictures Taken in Florence” involves me, once again, being told by an Italian authority figure, “Is impossible! 1,872 more words