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Hot Fudge & Half & Half; Grocery Shopping with a Chronic Illness

Everybody has a line they draw when it comes to giving in and admitting that it’s time to buy groceries.

For some people that line is toilet paper. 683 more words


Going To The Store To Buy Dog Food? You'll Probably Pick Up Milk, Tuna, And Chocolate

While just about anything you’d buy at the supermarket can now be delivered to your house in a reasonable amount of time, there are still some purchases that you must — or at least tend to — make in person: Prescriptions, fresh produce, pet food, among others. 482 more words

Trump: The Dale Winton Factor

Dale Winton has come out for Donald Trump.

This may seem odd. Winton is, after all, British and best known as the unusually camp host of such lightweight daytime fare as Supermarket Sweep. 914 more words

Bonus Sweeps

We’re frantically picking up some items for tonight’s Doodlewash Dinner offering. But the big question lingers on our minds.

Can we find all the items on Dale’s Shopping List? 419 more words


Supermarket Sweep > Grocery Shopping

I loved watching Supermarket Sweep when I was little. The competition, the anticipation, the swish of unflattering khakis as a mid western Mom threw caution to the wind and Bush’s Baked Beans in her cart FTW. 237 more words

Supermarket Sweep: Local Markets

Local markets are the place to go for cheap veggies, but only if you’re not squeamish. There’s fresh fish, all kinds and cuts of meat, lots of cigarette smoke and often a few… 54 more words


Supermarket Sweep: Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are dime a dozen in Shanghai. On every corner you are guaranteed to find a 7-11, Family Mart or an All Days. These are usually open 24 hours and you can get most things you would need in a pinch here: water, booze, eggs, candy, bread, Band-Aids and more. 105 more words