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My online grocery shopping: saving money+big time!(and my quick bean stew recipe for no fresh produce situations)

Being an avid frugal person, I used to avoid online grocery shopping, thinking the produce will not be as good as the produce I hand pick , the prices will be considerably higher, and I will not get that “vibe” you get when strolling along the supermarket aisles -that “vibe” that sends you to the kitchen raving with new ideas and recipes.  880 more words

Early Retirement

Publix Super Market, Cape Coral, FL (1-14-2019)

This Publix is closest to my brother’s house so when I was craving something that wasn’t in his pantry, it was an easy skip to get here and pick up some ground beef and sliced cheese and such to make burgers. 112 more words

Mugshot après shopping

A supermarket is not at all a playground for crooks, nor is it an all-you-can-mug service, in spite of what the self-checkout terminals seem to suggest to certain people. 1,048 more words


Uroma General Stores

Uroma General Stores, 84 North Street, Bristol BS3, 2017 • Defunct weird-name minimart enlivened by Bristol’s characteristic street art.

Shopfront Elegy

Is it a trust thing ?

It’s something (among many others) that really winds me up. People who over-guard their shopping. I’ll explain. Some people, and the numbers seem to be increasing, will place their goods on the check-out conveyer and then stand with it. 92 more words


Lidl Christmas sales results boosted by premium range as Brexit fails to dent supermarket

The discount supermarket toasted a 33 percent increase in year-on-year sale for its Deluxe range over the six weeks to December 30. It also tempted shoppers to transfer £58million worth of spending from Waitrose, M&S and the “big four” – Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and … 6 more words


ASDA ~Extra Special~ Cornish Fudge Toffee Cake 'Bake In The Box'

Ideal if you’re lacking cake tins and don’t mind putting cardboard in a hot oven, I bring you this new-ish baking mix from Asda.

The packaging has the seduction factor (see featured photo above) and you might well feel the urge to try other products in the range too. 374 more words