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Bears and Witches in the Woods

Shed pines beneath bare feet, I try not to alert any bears (holy, cursed, or otherwise) in these thick woods.

The highest branches only allow some light to filter through and even that is gradually fading. 270 more words


Asylum 16 - J2 photo op experience!

Hey friends!

So, its almost 3am on the sunday of Asylum 16. I’m on the floor of my hotel room hoping I won’t wake my roomie. 997 more words

Jared Padalecki

Delicate Thorns

By: Ainsley Shay and Miranda Hardy

Narrated by: Angie Hickman

GoodReads Summary: Waking up on a deserted island with no memory of who you are is scary, but when your throat burns for the thirst of blood, it’s terrifying. 323 more words



The weather lingers in these parts. The mountains tower over our village as it hunkers down, clinging to the foothills. In autumn, when the air is dank and the sodden leaves lie on the ground like dead fish stranded after high tide, mists loiter below the craggy peaks. 278 more words

Creative Writing

The Story of Sky (Bl, Supernatural, Fantasy) Chapter 21

Chapter 21

The day of a wedding everyone was busy Lady Cloud has put on her nice wedding dress, she cannot wait for the moment to be united with her man of her dream. 465 more words


The Picnic (Gaither 1909)

“Everything begins and ends at exactly the right place” – Joan Lindsay, Picnic at Hanging Rock

Oh the hills could they sing, bring the gathering to a ring, for the food that families eat is a sacrifice to where history sleeps. 445 more words


Southern Charm

By: Stuart Jaffe

Narrated by: Stuart Jaffe

GoodReads Summary: When Max and the gang are hired by an art forging ghost to find a lost painting, Max thinks it’ll be easy money. 408 more words