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chapter 17

Rain was in Addicate he has been troubling them a lot, he kills thousands of Gagan’s people. Lord /LadyLove  cannot win against him.. Love was asking his mother’s help to call his father for his help. 1,827 more words


II 5. Bonding Time

“Excuse me but who are you?” Ezekiel’s question was like an echo; it was that silent.

The man smirked and looked at  Zoe from across the room. 2,178 more words


Blues Bones Cover Reveal by Rick Starkey

Happy Monday!

I’m always excited to spread the word about other authors and their books. So of course, I’m happy to be a part of today’s cover reveal by Rick Starkey. 389 more words


II 4. All the Pretty Little Horses

“We’re done!”

Iaosur and Eneizar were not as happy as she was.

“Why are you sulking?” She asked the boys.

“You might have had fun but we just messed around with women. 2,172 more words


II 3.Host Clubs and Demons

“This feels so weird,”

Zoe didn’t know how to possess people. Eneizar rolled his eyes and, once they entered the club, he pushed her into some random girl. 2,000 more words


Blessed Night

Blessed Night

By Adam Dixon

Andi strolled through the forest clearing, a filled satchel on her back and a bright smile on her face. Bathed in the pale glow of the full moon and soothed by the cool wind blowing through her dark hair, she was content as she collected the various flora which grew there. 2,576 more words

Thornwood Academy #2

The next two months passed in the same much the same manner at Thornwood Academy. As Telma spent more time with the Elites she realized how different they were from the rest of the school, from the rest of the fae she’d met, and the more time she spent with them her other “friends” became more agitated. 1,999 more words