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How Will Sam and Dean Tackle the Mark of Cain When The Boys Return?

The Winchesters have died, gone to Hell and Purgatory, but the Mark of Cain seems to be their biggest challenge yet.

Dean died, yet again, and then became a demon. 290 more words


Missing 'The Originals'? Here's a Way to Fill the Void

Hayley and Jackson were just married, Hope has finally come home, Kol is dead, again, and Dahlia is probably on her way to New Orleans. This is where ‘The Originals’ left us before the little hiatus. 438 more words

The Vampire Diaries

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 14

Dean walked out of the battle of defeating Cain and Sam, Cass and Crowley waited to see what was left of him. He handed the blade to Cass and all seemed right with the world. 489 more words


Gran-sdur: The Games by Jan Raymond

Yup, my second book. It’s time for another review of mine. This a favorite written by one of my favorite authors, Christoph Fischer.

“Gran-sdur: The Games” by Jan Raymond is the second book in her magical and beautiful Pha-yul trilogy. 222 more words


Death Note Review

Anime: Death Note

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Source / Writer: Manga / Tsugumi Ohba

Genres: Mystery, police, psychological, supernatural, thriller.

Type: TV

Episodes: 37

Story: Yagami Light is an ace student with great prospects, who’s bored out of his mind. 1,035 more words


Supernatural Season 10 Episode 13

‘Supernatural’ has done every kind of monster you can think of, but they’ve never tackled a ghost on the internet before.

They were in uncharted territory. 388 more words