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La Isla de las Muñecas

In the world of nightmares

don’t journey to

the Island of the Dolls

where plastic specters

are suspended from ghoulish trees

watching all

how they beckon you… 103 more words

Our Super Moon cell pics NOTICE THE ORB artifact

The orange morning pics were on 11/15/16 and the night shots were 11/16/16. The 11/16/16 is where the round artifact flies around.

I put some lenses on a couple of pics to clarify the size and density (if possible with a cell phone).

The Art of Writing Query Letters for Writers; Chatting

My official copyright and number for my novel…. I received it yesterday and I filed for it in June of 2016.

What I realize now, and will be of interest to you if your also writing a novel or books of poetry, is this fact. 13,080 more words

Entering The Promised Land

BOOK TOUR Review: "Wear White to Your Funeral" by Lisa Acerbo

A review by Domoni.

Rory just moved to Trumbull, a tiny slice of hell. Her mom took a job in Japan and sent her to live with her aunt. 764 more words


Pinky's Cave Parts I & II

Johnny Kreps watched his Uncle Todd put the final coat of wax on his vintage Dodge Charger. He bent over the hood, giving it a once over from side. 1,893 more words

Review: "The Legendary Saga" by L.H. Nicole

A review by Domoni.

The Legendary Saga is an ongoing series by L. H. Nicole that brings King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table into the present time to finish their battle with Mordrid and Morgana.   1,040 more words


Beauties and Beasties

Three hags around a cauldron hot,
Two tall, one short, all steeped in rot

“Sisters, dear,” the short witch rasped,
“Please join me in my evil chant.” 153 more words