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Windber Coffeehouse Nights: 21 June 2018

Another Thursday passed; another night at the coffeehouse at The Grand Midway, Windber’s historic haunted hotel, to report about. Decent-sized crowd tonight, as ever a mix of regulars, less-regular but familiar faces and a few newcomers. 455 more words

Ficlet: Innocence

“He knows this gentle courtship might be all they’ll ever have”

The writer’s block persists so I will share an older ficlet, never before posted here. 373 more words


Welcome Home?

There before them in all its swirling glory stood the portal that would take them to the world each called home and that the young would soon be calling home. 3,998 more words


Cougars Hunt Deer

Zenlial had packed and walked through the hallways of the guest areas of the palace as if putting the place to her memory.  The pack had sent their loved ones home to the fields and she had been there to support her friend and his mate and the new friends she had made through this tough time. 5,197 more words


You're Writing About Werewolves? Ugh!

Well, they’re not the only thing I am writing about. Truth be told, I have several ideas that have been knocking around in my head since I was a kid. 278 more words


Blood Ties

By now, anyone that has read anything on my blog knows I often roleplay. At times, I would write samples from the POV of my characters. 1,666 more words


Risky Liaisons

The lycan festivities weren’t his thing, but Inea being the dragoness that she was, Dante knew that she’d be busy most of the evening with her lycan friends. 2,444 more words