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Child of Clay, By Fiona Skye

Today I’ll be reviewing Child of Clay, by Fiona Skye. This is the first book in her series “Those Who Are Awake”.  Here’s the cover and blurb: 1,020 more words

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REVIEWED: Ghost Monster

Ghost Monster by Simon Clark (Supernatural Horror Novel, 2009).

A so-so horror tale from a British writer who’s done much better at other times. Set in a small town on the English coast, it has an isolated and frankly somewhat old-fashioned feel, despite it having been written less than a decade ago and (with the exception of 30 year previous introductory prologue) supposedly takes place in the 2009-version of “today.” The book’s very title (it’s what local children call a strange unsettling remnant of a bitter and superstitious, early 18th century past) comes off as sort of clunky to me, as well. 441 more words


I’m tired. I can’t remember the last time I had a good night’s sleep.

Up at 4, trudging cold through shadow and cars, bust my hump, on my feet through the long, hot days and nights. 2,113 more words

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The Boy in the Tailpipe

Arnold Desadario was nine years old. He knew that because his birthday was in only three days and he would be ten, two whole numbers! He remembered his last birthday because Billy Apple had thrown up after cake and ice cream when they were playing kickball in the backyard and ever since then everyone called him Billy Barfbag, and because he got a really cool Spiderman Web-Shooter that shot a sticky dart on a string when he did the Web-Slinging-Action with his wrist. 1,494 more words

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The Kairee & The Apple

Joshun reached up from the spot he was hiding in the old apple tree and plucked a shiny fruit and a few wizened leaves rained around him, fluttering down to the floor of the ancient jungle. 2,700 more words

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The Crayon

When Jacab looked up from his phone, his first thought was of Yuluuf, and he looked around for the old golden retriever, and called out, “Uuf! 2,895 more words

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Into the Deep End

Olga, more properly Princess Olga, not of nobility but of the whim of her immigrant parents, and now that she had taken her vows, Sister Princess Olga, of the cloistered sect of Our Lady of Dispassionate Humility, knelt in three inches of cold water spiked with the stink of chlorine. 2,320 more words

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