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Rebirth: Chapter 38

The Verzstani cathedral had not gone unscathed after the rampage of the dreadful Hesperus.
Shards of multi-colored glass from the broken windows glittered on the floor of the inner sanctum – the holiest place. 3,488 more words


Rebirth: Chapter 37

Laevon hastened through the badly damaged streets. Most of the villagers had fled or sought shelter from the sudden appearance of the monstrous snake.
He now had renewed purpose – to aid this city, but most of all to find Tallia. 2,160 more words


The Ash-Tree

Although it is far from the best known of his ghost stories, The Ash-Tree is perhaps the most explicitly grisly of all M R James’ tales of the supernatural. 559 more words

Supernatural Fiction

Rebirth: Chapter 36

Once Tallia had discovered the weakness under the serpent’s arm she struck out in full force.
The giant, mutated snake screeched as acrid, black blood seeped from the fresh wound. 3,587 more words


Meet the Characters: Hunter

When I started writing this book almost 14 months ago, I visualised it being finished by now. Of course, I started ghostwriting another book for a client and quickly discovered that you can’t write two books at once! 596 more words


Rebirth: Chapter 35

As Laeleth and Schuyler hurried through the streets they could see the mass panic and destruction the queen had already caused on her exit from the castle. 4,576 more words


The Brocken Spectre

“Y Garn Glory” by Andrew | License: CC BY 2.0

Tony and James stood on top of the hill looking down on the city when James was overcome by the sensation that he was communicating with an angelic being. 1,364 more words