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Let's talk about Teen Wolf - 40 Days of Blogs #30

Hey guys I’m back! And with an actual written blog post and not a picture or a video! However, now that I know how to put videos on here they might start showing up more….(let me know if there’s any sort of video you guys want to see) 878 more words

The Ghost of Natalie Edwards

If you haven’t done so yet, please read Tunnel Vision before continuing here.

“I was against Ellis informing you this way, dear Brian, but he was insistant.

3,858 more words
Short Story

What’s On Tonight: ’13 Reasons Why’ Lands On Netflix And Lightning Strikes On ‘Review’

13 Reasons Why (Netflix) – The teen suicide drama directed a produced by Tom McCarthy (among others) and brought to us by Selena Gomez spans 13 episodes and delves deep into the cold, ruthless hierarchy that is high school. 721 more words


The Unyielding by Shelly Laurenston (The Call of Crows #3)

Vikings, Crows, Ravens, Gods, Dragons and the battle for the end of the world. Pure epicness.

The third book in the epic series of The Call of Crows, full of crazy women who are loyal to the goddess Skuld for giving them a Second Life because they were murdered in their first for unfair reasons. 170 more words


Leather Apron - Part 2

Demons weren’t hard to track, but they were hard to pin down. Locating the depravity they left in their wake was easy. The hallmarks of demonic presence in Whitechapel were plain to see, bolstered and nurtured by the poverty. 181 more words


And I came across the king...

Isn’t it strange? I have been watching his movies chewing my nails with my eyes rolling around most of the time to see if there was anyone standing right behind me. 395 more words