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Why does astrology still exist?

Answer by Craig Weinberg:

I also wondered why astrology was taken seriously by anyone, until I took the time to actually investigate what it is and what it is not.

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Chapter 4 of Summer of the Netherfield Witch

We live in an era in which information is exploding. Sometimes literally. I wonder if the exploding heads in the movie Scanners were meant to be a deep commentary on that phenomenon. 172 more words


#Read Demon Energy by Anthony Renfro - #FREE 27 & 28 February 2015


1 Man – A 1000 Demons Possession. Redemption. Salvation. This short story is about one man tormented by evil, and his journey into the light. 237 more words

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tbt review: Supernatural 705 "Shut Up, Dr. Phil"

Episode 705: Shut up, Dr. Phil!

This is the first review in a series of weekly reviews I’m going to do. My #tbt reviews will be of old TV show episodes, old movies or old books. 474 more words


[Prolog] We're Devil

awesome poster by  peniadtsArt Fantasy

Story by eunjuhee

Staring by KAI , SAMMY HWANG (OC) and other.

“a love story that has a sense of horror , but also has a romantic side as well in a forbidden relationship” 984 more words


Card Challenge: Day 53

Card Day 53: A single die with a devilish figure growing legs and emerging from the pips on the surface.

Natalie felt the heft of the die in her hand. 1,724 more words

New Arrival

A Podcast For All Seasons: S2E4 - Supernatural

This week, Eric and Josh talk about one of their greatest loves – Supernatural! Favorite episodes are discussed along with the current state of the series and the tie-in comics published by DC. 8 more words