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Control Reality[Chapter 1]

Author: YunisCold

It’s raining outside.

With random flashes of lightning here and there.

A small kid is staring at individual falling water droplets.

This kid thought, “I want to rain more.” in a dejected tone. 794 more words

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#6 Against The Lich Of Wellenia

Master of the Chair


By Josh Perry

Against the Lich of Wellenia

History has recorded fifteen centuries of age for the continent known as Varo. 9,043 more words


I Wrote This. And Narrated it.

My latest audiobook release might be a little confusing to those who don’t know me. But yes, this book, Headless by Tristram Lowe, is written and narrated by me. 248 more words


Query Trauma

I’ve been so deep in my revisions of The Haunting of Baker’s Cliff lately that I’ve barely come up for air for a long time. But now that they are nearing their end and I’m looking at Beta Readers and Editors, the goal of sending my work out to agents is near. 718 more words

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Sengoku Youko

Great ending. Mizukami Satoshi is really great at making a conclusion. Not to mention it was all panned from the very beginning since you can see the glimpse of the ending during chapter 52. 186 more words


Prophetic and Deliverance ministries will always experience opposition because what the servants do under the influence of the Holy Spirit cannot be matched with our knowledge.

Acts 5:15 As a result of the apostles’ work, sick people were brought out into the streets on beds and mats so that Peter’s shadow might fall across some of them as he went by. 224 more words


Book Tour: Better Not Cry

Better Not Cry

Rebekka Franck Book 8

by Willow Rose

Genre: Mystery, Supernatural Suspense

 He stalks you when you’re sleeping. He kills when you’re awake…

348 more words
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