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Safe House Troubles

Anya was looking for a safe house meant for supernaturals that were on the run.  The address she was given, while correct once, was no longer.   76 more words

Interview with Ryan Troske

Today I would like to welcome Ryan Troske to the blog! His debut novel, The Rising,  released this past summer and is available now exclusively on Amazon. 915 more words

Indie Authors

1.6 The Flower Shop Girl (FRWL)

With Mr. Caspian gone, Gage’s hours increased. He was happy for the bump in pay and the extra hours. He was saving for a car. His last car had been a lemon, quite literally, and he was ready for something other than the bus or walking. 1,966 more words

Gage Briody

The Wrap Up - Part 2

My last post was five months ago.  You know, the one that I called “Part 1” and promised a “Part 2” follow-up post?

So, Seth, what gives? 3,418 more words


No Books of Men: World Building - Supernaturals, Part IX

The Heralds. The closest thing to Angels or Demons in the No Books setting, but they’re still very different from either classification. The Heralds are creatures created by the Elder Things to serve obscure purposes and dark goals. 432 more words

No Books Of Men

No Books of Men: World Buillding - Supernaturals, Part VIII

While Urban Fantasy, as a genre, has a different focus than the broader Fantasy genre there is still a tendency for some to question the status of the “other” races/species. 304 more words

No Books Of Men

No Books of Men: World Buiding - Supernaturals, part VII

Spirits. If Shaman, Mediums, Necromancers, and other spirit-talkers exist… What are they talking to? Ghosts are a real thing in No Books, but what about non-human spirits? 462 more words

No Books Of Men