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Werewolves part 3: Hybrids

Werewolf hybrids are werewolves who have extra abilities due to their parent’s genes. You see when a werewolf species and another species come together a hybrid is made, creating wolves that can teleport, or drink blood. 176 more words

Midnight Creatures Episode 3

Episode 3

(Star city High School)

Our topic today is Parts of speech and since you all have the textbooks, it would be okay if you read it up on your own. 923 more words

Creatures Of The Night

Werewolves part 2: True Werewolves

True Werewolves: Humans born with heightened senses and awareness, who can shift into wolves at will.

  1. True wolves have heightened senses such as enhance hearing, smell, speed, and agility.
  2. 494 more words

Midnight Creatures E02

Episode 2

After hours of properly scrutinizing the place, the men entered into their SUV and drove away

(In the SUV)

Man1: He is back… 579 more words

Creatures Of The Night

Midnight Creatures

Midnight Creatures

Chapter 1

Episode 1

I am thirsty, please can you give me some water? That was what a ragged looking old man said to a passerby on an old deserted road. 534 more words

Creatures Of The Night

Werewolves Part 1

Werewolves – A supernatural being that can shift into a wolf, or partly and still keep the wolf abilities in its human form.

Werewolves are interesting and complex supernatural beings. 339 more words

Definition of Supernatural Beings

Supernatural beings: an incorporeal being believed to have powers to affect the course of human events.

I am currently obsessed with supernatural beings. The following include werewolves, vampires, shifters, mermaids, witches, etc. 185 more words