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Coping with ADHD Super Powers

“Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, then it is going to go through its whole life thinking it is stupid” …

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How to achieve alignment through OKRs [Infographic]

This is part one in our 4-part series, summarising the OKR superpowers.

Alignment is arguably the most important OKR superpower, without it, it becomes impossible to achieve your objectives and what you’ll end-up with is departments resenting each other and competing for each other’s attention as they try to selfishly achieve their own targets. 61 more words


Chapter 12- Tina

Here it is! Chapter 12! I have just written this, so if there are typos or errors of any kind, it’s because I wanted to get this thing out here fast. 974 more words

Creative Writings

Sorry, But Turmeric Doesn't Have Superpowers (Food)

We all fall victim to alluring health trends from time to time (looking at you, bulletproof coffee drinkers). One spice, described as a ‘cure-all,’ has circulated the internet in recent years: turmeric. 372 more words


Bystander 27 - by Rik Hoskin (Review)


Scifi, Superheroes

Angry Robot; August 11, 2020

356 pages (PB)

2.9 / 5 ✪


I was kindly provided an advance-copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. 871 more words

Charts of the Portals II

Admit it – you had flashes of Genius yesterday or today, didn’t you!  You don’t think so?  Or rather, you didn’t Recognize them as Miracles?  No wonder, they’re fairly Routine for you, aren’t they.  997 more words


How To Get Superpowers

Superheroes in Antwerp. Photo credit: agracier – NO VIEWS

Let’s look at a classic superhuman power: precognition, or the ability to see the future.

A few years ago, I had just sat down at a table in a Mexican restaurant. 748 more words