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September 6th, 1973 - Kidnap is such an ugly word

I crossed my legs, mostly so I could lean away from Mr. Smiles “New boss huh? What label do you work for? You guys must really be hard up to sign me if you went through all the trouble of kidnapping me and dragging me across the globe. 563 more words

Fat Fridays: Super-power 27.11.2020


For many years I avoided photos!

I’ve always felt that I was too fat, too unattractive and too unworthy to have a photo taken. And whenever I saw myself in random photos, I used to feel disgusted. 300 more words


Date unknown - Meet the new boss, etc. etc. you know the rest

Walking up the hill into Madripoor I felt like I was stepping off of a space capsule on another planet. I’ve traveled quite a bite in the States, the Coalition, and the Republics, I’ve experienced a lot of different places. 566 more words

Date unknown - Fresh off the boat

I walked up the weird metal stairs for what seemed like a really long time and came out a short (I mean vertically, I bumped my head) corridor onto the deck of a ship that seemed like a mile long. 607 more words

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Chapter 9 – Thera

Something woke Barrenger, leaving him blinking in the dark. A tap on the chargestone timepiece on his bedside table showed that it was an hour until dawn. 10,078 more words


What's your superpower

Our two elementary school boys are going through a Superhero phase. Big Man often asks me, usually when I am working, what superpower I wish I had. 427 more words


First Flight

One week after my 40th birthday I put my youngest child on the bus for kindergarten. This being my fifth time, you would think there would be no tears, but she was the last one and it seemed that an era was ending. 496 more words