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See, I Can Still Write Sonnets!

If I had good fortune to get bit by

A radioactive beast of some kind

And gained a superpower related

Here’s what superpower comes to my mind: 87 more words


Screenwriting assignment 1: Intro Imagery

(Pardon the imperfectly reproduced screenplay format. If there’s a 1:1 way to conform a WordPress blog post to screenplay format, I don’t know it. Anyway, I’ll keep formatting and uploading these as I have time, until they’re all up.) 814 more words

My Hero Academia: Ingenium’s Role in Shaping Tenya’s Identity

In the world of My Hero Academia, we are introduced to numerous characters who are striving to become a pro hero. Although 80 percent of the people in this universe have superpowers (called Quirks), only a select few can prove themselves worthy of becoming heroes. 631 more words

Tech Blogs

Book Review: Refraction, by Christopher Hinz

Kicking off my Sci-Fi Month reviews, we have Refraction, by Christopher Hinz. This gooey sci-fi thriller is published by Angry Robot, and this fair and unbiased review was provided with gratitude for the free electronic copy of the book which I received. 940 more words

Book Reviews

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Chapter 6 – Earth, One Year Nine Months Ago

The Spark

Five curled up tightly behind the bookshelf, clutching the colorful, glossy pages in his hands and scanning the pictures hungrily. 2,412 more words


An Angry Man With Superpowers | A Joe Biden Campaign Question

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Part of this dream involved a political election, and the end of this dream involved a fictional man with light-color skin who I possibly knew who had superpowers. 559 more words