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Ill Omens

I have been putting off this blog for many reasons, but mainly because I am afraid that I have nothing interesting to say. Of course, in my fear of generating mindless ramblings, I have chosen silence. 466 more words

An Unusual Methodist

Here’s another snippet from ‘Old Oak’. Methodists were widely disliked by Anglicans for stealing their flock, and for their ‘enthusiams’ The first part makes me wonder how many hauntings are the result of such a prank. 435 more words

Real Life

Yep, Today Is Friday The 13th

One of the great superstitious days is here again. It’s Friday the 13th but keep calm, if you can. Have a swell day everyone!

Tony's Posts

PSA: Be Kind to Black Cats This Halloween

Once thought of as an incarnation of the devil, a comrade to witches and evil doers, the black cat has faced a considerable amount of adversity through the years. 207 more words



I say this on Tumblr and think its pretty accurate. Well I can only speak as a Virgo. What do you think? (Image linked to source)


Modern Witchcraft

Here is another excerpt from The Year of the Wombat, describing life in the year 1857:

“At Stafford Assizes,  , a trial was opened which gave… 225 more words

Real Life

Superstition in the Equine World.

As with anything linked with tradition, the equine world is full of superstition. The majority of these claims are old wives tales, but often seem strangely true. 405 more words

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