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Fate is a Myth

 Fate is a Myth

Superstitions are a restriction 

The definition of Superstition :

excessively credulous belief in and reverence for supernatural beings

Does this not seem at all odd that we still believe in such fiction that we use it in everyday life and we also restricted ourselves with fear to keep us safe . 1,889 more words



Superstition: a widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice based on such a belief… 433 more words


Elizabethan Witches

Possibly due to having an old unmarried woman on the throne, we don’t hear much of witches at this time. This is from Thomas Platter’s Travels in England 1599… 86 more words

Real Life

Death By Witchcraft or Rabies?

This comes from John Latimer’s Annals of Bristol of 1743, citing the Gloucester Journal. It is interesting it seems not to have been reported locally – many such incidents were not reported to prevent copy catting or local disturbances, while rival towns often reported them to show such matters were not happening on their watches.  90 more words

18th Century History

Ghost Soldiers

Yet another Berkshire tale. The idea of ghosts sticking to old building designs seems fairly common, and intriguing. Not sure if the present inhabitants would have known of the additions, so unclear if such ideas were included for veracity. 132 more words

English History

Sheep Stealers

Here’s another item from Tales of Old Berkshire. Sheep stealing was a big deal in the past – they were a good size, often left in open fields, but still moveable. 331 more words


A Woman Much Feared

Another snippet from Tales of Old Berkshire. This seems to be cobbled together from several different tales. Maybe there were more than one Maria Hales, or the beer in the region may have been of the strong variety: 169 more words