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Cornish Pro Wrestling *RESULTS & FALL-OUT*

Sunday 26th July was the debut of CPW, what I expected was a OK turn out and good matches, what we got was……

A… 529 more words

aTP #redweek Winner Announcement

“As we say farewell

A rush of blood to the head

As red as your lips.”

Excuse the Haiku. I tend to get carried away at the sight of red. 473 more words


Hey Everyone!

It’s another beauuuutiful sunny day out and I’ve decided to wear my sprstar sneakers with my sprstar logo tee haha! I’ve gone for a more hip hop inspired look, and so I wore my favourite snapback as well! 108 more words



She defines the concept of ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’.

Unconventional, quirky, hilarious, brilliant, intelligent, and super fun is what Abbey is.

It’s the dancing and Adele moments,  Canada Water residence, and our London & Edinburgh adventures what makes her my English family.

Happy Birthday Superstar


Happy 3rd Birthday Superstar!

Now this is a very special book of mine. It by no means was the first book I ever wrote. Although it was the first ever book of mine that graced… 204 more words


Superstar Unboxing


My lovely Adidas Superstar shoes have finally arrived :) I had been lusting these for a very long time and now they are with me! 218 more words