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Burden of Proof

To start with, proof gets defined around “evidence that convinces.” The burden of proof refers to whomever owns the onus. Onus, in turn, in this case, names the parties responsible for providing that evidence. 652 more words


How astrology works and why I stopped believing it.

I remembered those days when I was so obsessed with astrology and the first thing I was interested in anyone was their astrological sign. The moment you tell me your astrological sign, I already know everything about you, well in my own mind. 632 more words



Today is not a good day for paraskavedekatriaphobics –those who are afraid of Friday the 13th. Most paraskavedekatriaphobics don’t really know why they are afraid of this day. 378 more words

Rabbi Andrew Jacobs



Myths, a philosopher said, are necessary for human well-being and survival. When people believe the same myths, they think more alike and better understand one another. 197 more words


Very Superstitious ...

Do you ever catch yourself doing something and wonder how other people would react f they saw you doing it? No, not that and nothing else filthy either! 530 more words


Half Ghost, Half Scarecrow, But All Witch: A Case of the Heebie Jeebies

In 1968, Washington Evening Star editor Philip Love and his wife attempted to uncover a large piece of evidence in a very old mystery. What they were looking for was an 875-pound rock located somewhere in the woods to the south of Leonardtown, Maryland, that was said to hold the form of the hand of a murdered witch who had cursed the town more than 270 years before. 775 more words




How many mountains have you met in your lifetime– perhaps people with their own agenda with whom you have dealt, who seemed oblivious to your desires? 491 more words