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Bloggy McBlogface: Appeasing Poseidon and the Boat-Loving Internet Trolls

This week I was reminded that even in the era of Donald Trump, people are still capable of taking voting seriously. Because a few days ago my attention was drawn to an exciting ongoing voting process on the Internet. 792 more words


Our Own Eyes

Our Own Eyes

There are different levels of belief that vary from fully-on starstruck gullible certainty to the extreme opposite in disbelief. Atheists with whom I have discussed religious issues tended to regard belief as something that stands alone, irrelevant to anything else. 509 more words




As the old wisdom decrees, opinions are like assholes; everybody has one, and they need to keep it to themselves. What old wisdom overlooks is the relief of letting it go and the satisfaction from dumping on somebody who was asking for it, after too long of holding your breath. 228 more words

Life Lessons

No Clone

No Clone

Despite what many profess to believe, humans are a social animal. We are an animal, a mammal, and our species survived because of our ancestors who learned to work in groups for their mutual benefit. 379 more words


Weird Little Thing

I can’t really explain why odd little occurrences amuse me so much.  And I won’t even begin to attempt to go into too much detail here.   75 more words

Jon Crispin



Actually, we can accept the normalcy of participating in collective insanity. We can observe examples of it in a variety of forms all over the world. 419 more words



Burden of Proof

To start with, proof gets defined around “evidence that convinces.” The burden of proof refers to whomever owns the onus. Onus, in turn, in this case, names the parties responsible for providing that evidence. 652 more words