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People unaware of the atheists they know have been mistaught a one-dimensional view of us. Since it is impossible to sense a one-dimensional object, maybe that’s why we escape notice. 687 more words


Go Get Your Goat!--....and update what happened next.

Old Phrase:  Go Get Your Goat!  Basic Definition: To annoy you to the point of getting quite bothered about something…

Sub Definition: Goat: The goat is a metaphor for your state of peacefulness. 161 more words


Fear Sign

Fear Sign

Trying new things ought to, of course, be approached with some trepidation, as should testing of all kinds of limits. The shedding of untenable strictures a person imposes on himself, as well as those imposed by others without legitimate justification, that make one person enslaved, in effect, to another carries with that action a great risk. 138 more words


Do Less


I should have renamed this “The Conservative Approach to Overpopulation”.

One of my favorite hobbies has become the doctoring of rightwing graphics to turn the message around so it’s about them. 16 more words


Superstition Prompt!

Friday the 13th is a special day. Partially because it doesn’t happen all too often, and partially because it’s the one time that no one is saying TGIF!!!! 776 more words



I’m sitting in math class while Jack Johnson’s soothing voice echoes through my head

“I’ve been sitting waiting wishing you believe in superstition”

I’ve noticed lately that the songs echoing through my head are always extremely relevant to the situation I am in… Besides the occasional catchy commercial songs


(02/26/2015) Divinely Sent Dreams?

Today, Scriptures are shared to clarify the difference between discernment and prophetic dreams as opposed to nightmares with occult or psychiatric interpretation of dreams.  A writer at “Yahoo! 701 more words