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Friday the 13th Has Always Been Good To Me

The aversion to Friday the 13th is baffling, and to be honest, the fear, dread, and bad luck that permeates this day for so many people is lost on me.  705 more words

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Our Caribbean culture ia rich with many saying and superstition. One popular belief in Jamaica is that “YOU SHOULD NEVER OPEN AN UMBRELLA INSIDE YOUR HOUSE” 15 more words

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Superstitions in Volleyball

Are you superstitious in volleyball? What is a superstition? A superstition is a widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation leading to certain consequences of an action or event, or a practice based on such a belief. 625 more words


Vampire Bats

Bats have long been associated with death, and vampires, and witchcraft, and even black magic. They are among the species that have become synonymous to evil. 624 more words


Sleeping woes

I’ve been doing some thinking as to why I sleep with either my mom or sister whenever my husband is spending the night at work. 184 more words


Pterodactyls, hippos, and wishing my mom could advise me on my dreams

My mother believed deeply and ferociously in the power of dreams. She completely felt that dreams carried much meaning and that they were often prophetic. She must have had over 100 dream dictionaries while I was growing up. 500 more words


Etiquette & superstition: spitting

When Benny and I were on vacation a few weeks ago, we stopped in to a motel that we weren’t sure was of the highest caliber. 269 more words