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String Theory - part 9: Road to Experimental Proof

The things we’ve been concerned with in the last three articles draws a very good picture for String Theory. It gives us a number of predictions that clearly distinguish it from the Standard Model, and from other theories of quantum gravity, such as Loop-Quantum Gravity and a few others. 7,090 more words


What hadron collider is required to discover or falsify natural supersymmetry?

Howard Baer, Vernon Barger, James S. Gainer, Peisi Huang, Michael Savoy, Hasan Serce, Xerxes Tata
Weak scale supersymmetry (SUSY) remains a compelling extension of the Standard Model because it stabilizes the quantum corrections to the Higgs and W, Z boson masses. 141 more words

High Energy Physics

Day 21: Meetings and Lectures

There were only a couple of tasks for Wednesday. First, I would be attending the first group meeting. Erroneously called “SUSY” meetings (for supersymmetry, a branch of high energy physics with declining popularity), these meetings are a chance for each member of the group to share what they had done over the last week, if anything, and bring up any issues. 281 more words

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Supersymmetry and quantum physics themed long sleeved and short sleeved t-shirt for men.


The Parable of the Entanglers and the Bootstrappers

There’s been some buzz around a recent Quanta article by K. C. Cole, The Strange Second Life of String Theory. I found it a bit simplistic of a take on the topic, so I thought I’d offer a different one. 853 more words

Theoretical Physics

General Searches and Black Swans at the LHC

by Fabricio Jiménez

Hi again! So, this time I’m going to tell you about two ideas which are fairly new to me but nonetheless interesting (and, I think, closely related): General searches for new phenomena at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and Black Swan events. 885 more words

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