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Dark Matter Candidates: WIMPs

Well, I keep having trouble getting my science posts on a regular schedule, so here’s another one. This is the first of several posts on possible dark matter candidates. 968 more words



If atheism is a religion then bald is a hair color.

From http://thinkexist.com/quotes/mark_schnitzius/.

I’ve never understood why that’s not understood. Now, why do we asume lack of property for proof of existence?

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What Bugs Me

Taking a 12 hours break

               After a session of self-inflicted criticism, my need to be right pointed me to yet another article about dark matter. There’s no pleasing me, ye know? 216 more words

What Bugs Me

Supersymmetry and you

               This year, hopefully, we’ll see the Large Hadron Collider back in business. While ignoring the voices of people worried about black holes and imminent Earth destruction, in 2012 it… 572 more words


Should Falsifiability Be Put to Rest?

Falsifiability is a beautiful notion in that it allows us to empirically determine the scientific basis for a given theory. In other words, if a theory offers no testable predictions, then that theory has no place in the canon of science. 401 more words

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