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The Status of Supersymmetry Searches

A new preprint has appeared on the arXiv detailing the current status of searches for supersymmetry in light of the results from LHC Run 1. The preprint appears to be a chapter from a recent review of Run 1. 59 more words


It ain't my God (particle)

I don’t know about you, but when that God-particle (a.k.a. Higgs-Boson) appeared in the papers a couple years back, I really wanted to understand it. Confession: I didn’t. 1,643 more words

God Particle

Unravelling a few of the universe’s unanswered questions? Supersymmetry

Explaining the Mysteries of the Universe

Physicist Ali Chamseddine has developed theories and models that help in unraveling some of the universe’s unanswered questions.

By… 1,092 more words


Exploring quantum mechanics through audio visual art at Supersymmetry, The Vinyl Factory, London.


SuperSymmetry; Proof Of Other Dimensions - This Is What The Aim Of CERN Is

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has just begun smashing particles together at higher energies than ever before. This marks the start of the second run of the world’s largest physics experiment, the huge particle accelerator that sits beneath the Alps and in 2012 was used to prove the existence of the… 643 more words


Higher Energy Physics at the LHC

I’ve been busy with meetings most of the day but couldn’t resist a quick post to catch up on the exciting events at CERN. Today is the day that the… 317 more words

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