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The Parable of the Entanglers and the Bootstrappers

There’s been some buzz around a recent Quanta article by K. C. Cole, The Strange Second Life of String Theory. I found it a bit simplistic of a take on the topic, so I thought I’d offer a different one. 853 more words

Theoretical Physics

General Searches and Black Swans at the LHC

by Fabricio Jiménez

Hi again! So, this time I’m going to tell you about two ideas which are fairly new to me but nonetheless interesting (and, I think, closely related): General searches for new phenomena at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and Black Swan events. 885 more words

Particle Physics

From Symmetry: "The secret lives of long-lived particles"


Sarah Charley

A theoretical species of particle might answer nearly every question about our cosmos—if scientists can find it.

ATLAS collaboration

The universe is unbalanced. 906 more words


A possible return on race

Third generation superparticles search is one of the main goals of the present LHC activities.

Previous LHC data has been especially effective in ruling out the existence of coloured supersymmetric particles (primarily the gluino and the first two generations of s-quarks) with masses below .  433 more words


Decay chains

As the production of s-quarks and gluinos is favored if kinematically allowed, these particles would start the decay chain in most cases. In the case in which such superparticles were relatively light, the decay chain would be short, and the subsequent possible decays should be few. 196 more words



Production of supersymmetric particles and their subsequent decay chains could occur in different ways depending on the theoretical scenario considered.

In the researches for supersymmetric particles, the most frequent choice is to limit the quest to a specific model in which the particles have well-defined decay modes. 196 more words


Supersymmetry searches

As discussed before, SUSY theories introduce the existence of particles at the TeV scale, so these could be already accessible at the .

The search for these particles and the determination of their properties, such as mass, spin, etc. 434 more words