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The GUTsy effort to unify the quantum forces

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Particle Physics

What Will Happen Next

The excitement over the 750 GeV would-be resonance could not be higher these days, with 1) accelerator scientists at the LHC producing collisions in the core of the CMS and ATLAS detectors, 2) theorists producing more and more interpretations of the physics scenarios about to open up, and 3) experimentalists getting ready to jump at the data. 430 more words


What if it is real ?

While the flurry of theoretical speculations on the 750 GeV bump spotted by ATLAS and CMS in their 13-TeV diphoton data continues (over 300 papers written to interpret it, in little more than 3 months), the question on whether it is a fluctuation or something else remains on the table, and keeps all of us wondering. 524 more words


From CERN: "CMS hunts for supersymmetry in uncharted territory"


Mar 18, 2016

The CMS collaboration is continuing its hunt for signs of supersymmetry (SUSY), a popular extension to the Standard Model that could provide a… 480 more words

Basic Research

Introdution to SUSY in 5 minutes!

Last week I attended an interesting course about Supersymmetry theory (SUSY) at CP3. The course was meant to be an introduction to SUSY, but in fact it treated this theory in deep detail from a mathematical point of view. 883 more words


Khynn - Supersymmetry

┬áNowadays, it’s really hard to come across a band that isn’t more than one genre in particular without being able to distinguish one that is more common than the rest (ex. 488 more words

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(Chiral) Supersymmetry in Different Dimensions

This week I’m at the CERN winter school on supergravity, strings and gauge theory. Jonathan Heckman’s talks about a top-down approach to 6D SCFTs have particularly caught my eye. 338 more words