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An Amplitudes Flurry

Now that we’re finally done with flurries of snow here in Canada, in the last week arXiv has been hit with a flurry of amplitudes… 662 more words

Theoretical Physics

The State of Theory Comes Full Sphere

In Victor’s last talk, and the last talk of ST4, we turned to the computation of partition functions for gauge theories on .

The 2d chiral and vector multiplets are simply dimensional reductions of their counterparts in 4d, and they correspond respectively to matter and gauge degrees of freedom. 552 more words

Chaos in Supersymmetry-Constrained Melons

Victor Ivan Giraldo-Rivera (ICTS) began the ninth day’s morning session with his second lecture on SUSY and localization. He wrote the generalized Killing spinor (GKS) equations as , and introduced an integrability condition . 1,037 more words

The Gravitational Cavalry Surrounds the Conformal Mountain

Today’s morning session began with the first of the four lectures on Supersymmetric Gauge Theories and Localization by Victor Ivan Giraldo-Rivera (ICTS). Before starting his main lectures, Victor continued the review of supersymmetry in -dimensional flat space, which was initiated by Madhusudhan Raman (IMSc) in the evening talk of yesterday. 1,233 more words

The Dangers of One-Dimensional Over-Interaction Between Body and Soul

With a 24 hours long break behind us, we assembled in the afternoon of day 8 for second in the series of lectures on SYK model by Pranjal (TIFR). 944 more words

Pop Goes the Universe and Other Cosmic Microwave Background Games

(With apologies to whoever came up with this “book”.)

Back in February, Ijjas, Steinhardt, and Loeb wrote an article for Scientific American titled “Pop Goes the Universe” criticizing cosmic inflation, the proposal that the universe underwent a period of rapid expansion early in its life, smoothing it out to achieve the (mostly) uniform universe we see today. 886 more words


Recasting new physics searches at the LHC

by Seng-Pei Liew

The AMVA4NewPhysics work packageĀ I am involved in is related to developing tools for recasting new physics searches, with a particular focus on multivariate analyses. 718 more words