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'Arrow' Season 3 Won't Revisit Superpowers

While Arrow season 1 was generally well-received, most fans would consider season 2 – which expanded the grounded and gritty universe by delving into superpowers, superteams, and more – to be the superior of the two. 713 more words


Five Comic Superteams Too Cool for Mainstream Success

So you’ve got your heavy hitter Justice Leagues and Avengers, your fan favorite X-Men and Fantastic Fours, and your Young Justices and Teen Titans (what’s the difference between those two again?) on the second string.  2,283 more words


Over to The Ritz this morning for Harrington Starr’s networking breakfast, hosted by the book-loving, thought-leading Toby Babb (pictured on the left) with Khoi Tu, author of the excellent SUPERTEAMS – … 287 more words


Build a Superteam

Teamwork can sometimes be a hit or miss.
Every great business leader needs a great team to fulfil their vision and goals.
In a new book Khoi Tu explores how you put the magic into the mix to create a great team. 103 more words


I went to hear Khoi Tu, author of Superteams, speaking at The RSA a few weeks ago. He was sharp, smart and very interesting.

The best thing you could do is just to go straight to the… 207 more words


NBA: A Super era for teams, is it good for the NBA?

The NBA has flourished into one of the biggest sporting leagues in the world over the last 20 years, through the Jordan era, and now out into the time of the… 926 more words