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The Origin and Rise of the “Big Three” in the NBA

By Justin Efebera

In the history of the NBA, there have been a countless amount of great individual players and duos that have revolutionized the game.   1,248 more words


Superteam in Los Angeles? Analyzing the Theories Explaining the Rams Aggressive Offseason!

Wow! L.A. has been crazy this offseason! The Rams have gotten two of the best corners in the league, one of the most famous Defensive Lineman in the league, and recently added a top tier receiver! 1,004 more words


Strong culture quote, Simon Sinek

A culture is strong when people work with each other, for each other. A culture is weak when people work against each other, for themselves.

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Superteams Day 3! (and Aftermath)

Hey everyone!

This is the final installment of my Superteams experience 2018. If you haven’t already read my previous posts about Superteams I suggest you have a look so you understand what it’s all about! 764 more words


Superteams Day 2

Hey everyone!

As you probably know if you read my last blog post, this weekend I have been taking part in Superteams.

Saturday was the second day of events and the first thing we did was basketball. 191 more words


Superteams Day 1!

Hey everyone!

Sorry I havent been posting much recently, I have had a super busy weekend taking part in superteams! If you don’t know what that is then it’s basically a massive university sports day where different teams go up against eachother in lots of events. 164 more words


Is H-Tine the new super team locale?

Let the rumors of the new future super team begin!

Someone has to rise up to beat Golden State right?  I wonder what the homie, Tony King, a native of H -Tine, feel about these new rumors.