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Is H-Tine the new super team locale?

Let the rumors of the new future super team begin!

Someone has to rise up to beat Golden State right?  I wonder what the homie, Tony King, a native of H -Tine, feel about these new rumors.

Are the advantages of super teams fair game in the NBA? - NO

Written By Ryan Manesh

The NBA has had super teams in the league for decades. A few of the strongest examples have been the 2016-17 Golden State Warriors, 2007-08 Celtics and 2011-12 Miami Heat. 591 more words


240 Podcasts: NBA Superteams with Bryan Aparicio

Bryan Aparicio and I sit down for a few minutes to discuss the affects that NBA Superteams have on the league. Topics covered include current superteams, Michael Jordan, the business side of the NBA and the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Thanks for listening!

Michael Jordan

Do NBA Superteams Help or Hurt the NBA?

I know it has been awhile since my last post.  Lets talk about the NBA, and superteams.

So, if you have literally been under a rock for the last 3 years, let me fill you in on the NBA situation. 845 more words



I love how they are big nba fans and I love their lebron parodies. However, Rose as the black panther and whoever as cap… I got to call a flagrant foul.

"Super Teams" are ruining the NBA - Part I

Has anyone else lost interest in the NBA? As a huge fan of basketball, I have completely lost interest in watching or following the NBA. The newest trend in the NBA is “Super Teams”, teams that include multiple all-star caliber players. 1,215 more words


Top 10 Most Disappointing NBA Super Teams of All Time

“Superteams” have become the latest trend this decade, with players joining competitive teams in a desperate attempt to chase championship glory. There’s debate over who the first real “superteam” in the NBA was, but the 2017-18 season is set to be an all-out weapons race, with teams signing or trading for superstars in order to bolster their chances of winning a ring. 949 more words