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HeroClix Wish-List: Fasaud

Marvel Comics supervillain Fasaud. Show how easily it is screw up any attempt at potraying social or cultural or political diversity. *Maybe* it’s easier to show it using “heroic” characters. 402 more words


HeroClix Wish-List: Blackbriar Thorn (v1.1)

Blackbriar Thorn! DC Comics character. “Druid priest” (as far as comics go, basically another “wizard”) from the era of Ancient Rome.

So, depending on what writer/artist team is doing the story, Blackbriar either looks completely human or he still looks like an animated wooden statue. 156 more words

HeroClix Wish-List

HeroClix Wish-List: Crusader (v1.1)

Marvel Comics character, the Crusader. Well, one of the characters that’s used that name. And one of the few that I know of to really play into “religious zealot” stereotypes. 271 more words


The genius of Jessica Jones (and David Tennant) in rendering the entitled modern man-child as a grotesque supervillain

A primary problem with labelling a film/TV genre as “superhero” is that it ignores the fact that the best examples of the medium are as reliant on a strong villain as they are on a brave do-gooder. 918 more words

HeroClix Wish-List: Master of the World (Marvel)(v1.1)

One thing about Marvel Comics’ version of Earth: it’s been subject to quite a few extraterrestrial visitation.

I mean, there were the Celestials, gargantuan humanoid traveling scientists. 371 more words


Tome: Steel Skin

This is a Luke Cage type hero. He isn’t actually made of metal just impervious to external injury. The setting is slightly based on X-men but with out the whole ‘civil rights’ thing. 97 more words


Tome: Beastkin

I kind of ran with some likely inaccurate science here based on something I read in my science textbook a few years ago. Don’t know if it actually works cross species like this but… It’s a caption involving superheroes and magic so scientific validity isn’t my main concern. 37 more words