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I have just finished writing the new short story that talks about the supervillain Cyber Shadow. It has been a gritty experience and I have elaborated his return with nightmarish details. 30 more words

An Offer

This time. This time was sure to get their attention. For the last ten years, I’d fought and struggled and climbed my way up the corporate ladder of the criminal underworld and I was finally ready to go big time. 246 more words


The Artist Was Too Good

Sometimes, an artist is meant to mock or attack something, but they end up actually looking good. DC was mocking the 90s belts and pouches fashion with… 76 more words


Final Logo

Final Improvements

I have moved far beyond my beginning designs and I think the logo is much better now. Figuring out how to color the logo was extremely difficult, with a lot of juggling of layers to get the effect I wanted. 262 more words


Logo Draft


Learning about different typeface categories was very interesting. Sans serif, slab serif, modern, script, decorative, and oldstyle were all so different! I had never noticed prior to reading the book. 243 more words



So, I’m at work (on a Sunday) trying to catch up on paperwork (so i can actually build on Monday, rather than get ‘trapped’ at my desk), and remember, “Holy Smokes, I still have a case of DC Comics HeroClix THE JOKER’S WILD back at my humble adobe that I never opened!” That’s from November. 118 more words



Ah, Arcade.

Arcade, one of the Marvel villains ideal for one story, yet utterly unable to work in anything beyond it.

Arcade, for most of his existence, was/is a normal human in a bad 70s suit and giant bow tie who builds deathtrap amusement parks called Murderworlds and has an inexplicable ability to capture superheroes and plop them in there. 228 more words