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Secret History: A Review of Lavie Tidhar's "The Violent Century"

I know I’m a good writer. I’m also long-resigned to the truth that I’ll never be a great writer. Whatever literary merit my pulpy seriocomic adventure stories contain is largely the byproduct of having ingested enough canonically “great” literature that nanoscopic slivers of same will occasionally, mostly accidentally, sneak in between the many overwrought adjectives and adverbs of my purplish prose. 1,239 more words

35. Veil

Almost immediately after swallowing Mother Martyr, the giant gray mass began to shrink down and return to its prior shape. In a matter of seconds, Davy saw the Olivia he knew standing in front of him. 1,657 more words


Book Review: Good Intentions: A Supervillain Story by Michael Crider

Continuing my fascination for this line of story-telling, this one’s more my pace. 153 more words


I saw a rather funny video involving a group of mischievous young men mixing together different types of smelling sprays together with skunk spray. Despite their foul language, I found the boys’ eccentricity and reactions to the various smells rather amusing. 132 more words

34. Olivia

Steve didn’t have to look far to find the Night Retcher. He found her in a grassy patch of land in the direction Davy had indicated. 1,833 more words


The Trumping of a supervillain!

For an upcoming anthology from the South Bay Writers Club, I wrote a short story with a new supervillain: Money Man. On the advice of a couple of friends, I made him a Donald Trump clone: xenophobic, money eating, orange haired bully. 115 more words

The Villain

“I’m proud of you son,” Mr. Walls said as he hugged Ronald. “Graduating MIT with a Masters in Engineering.” Mr. Walls glowed as he broke the hug. 1,007 more words

Short Story