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Supervillain Travel: Inside the Ghost Town that Is China's Disneyland

This eerie abandoned amusement park would have been a sought-after travel destination.

For the most part, the best supervillains dwell in ominous lairs, such as castles surrounded by moats, caves in a faraway place, and even abandoned spots that no one would ever think of visiting. 344 more words



“Wait, wait, go back. You like me? Like me like me?”
Slowly, I lowered my deathray and stared at Captain Courageous. He had a wry smile on his face and a bit of a blush under his mask. 108 more words


New World Issue #3: Wages Of Sin Part 1

-Bee beep- -Bee beep- -Bee beep-
The earpiece faintly went off accompanied by a soft hum shaking slightly with each vibration while it sat on the end table by Merci’s bed. 2,677 more words




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New World Issue 3: Wages Of Sin


She walks to the parking garage after a long night of partying at the dance club. Alcohol clouds her judgement, she is walking back to her car to drive home. 634 more words


What Makes a Hero?

“No, I’m not going all existential on you, I’m being 100% serious. What makes him a good guy and me not?”
I looked him over, arms crossed over my chest. 392 more words


My Supervillains And How They Came To Be

So, yesterday, I finally drew some bad concept art of supervillains I’ve had in my head for a while. They are known as the Dead Hand, a reference to both a Russian nuclear system AND the “Four=Death” similarity found in East Asian languages. 286 more words