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William Grumble

745 Wilford Park


Mayor Gregory Keller

1490 City Hall Drive


Dear Mayor Keller,

I am writing to you on behalf of the residents of Wilford Park. 458 more words


Suicide Squad's Joker!

In the Arrow series, we’ve had a bit of a taste of “Suicide Squad,” but as far as I’m concerned, it wasn’t enough and it didn’t go far enough. 710 more words

DC Comics

Top Comic Movies We're Excited about (2015-2016)

By Amrutha Chethikattil, Neil Bhardwaja, and Sanjana Shenoy

Kids and adults have one shared passion, a love for superheroes and superheroines. We all love the impossible standards that the hero or heroine is set up against, and we love watching them come back from the bottom and overcome the challenge. 755 more words


Book Trailer Easter Egg

The official book trailer for SUPERPOWERED launched last week. It’s an interactive trailer, where you choose your viewing experience. I’ve also added a sample decision-point… 206 more words

Click Your Poison

All cool villains have their own sound effects!

(Some spoilers for Arrow season 2, you have been warned!)

So we all know that weird trick Superman does (Glasses on=Clark Kent. Glasses off=Superman)  well it apparently works for villains too! 158 more words

TV Shows

Irish Travel Journal, Days 1-2

This post is the first installment of my Irish travel journal. You can view the whole series here.

I’m starting this journal on the plane from St. 581 more words


The Supervillain

The Supervillain.

Sometimes I hear that voice in my head,

Clearly they don’t love you, it says.

We’ll just have to kill them all.

A little violence never hurt anyone who didn’t deserve it, it says. 92 more words