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Storytime(?): New Art Project

Aloha human! I recently got a new assignment that may be interesting to some of you.

So, in my ceramics class, my teacher has drawing and painting assignments we work on when clay is drying or firing. 277 more words


Photon and Spark - Issue #2

Spark didn’t like bleeding. It wasn’t something she had a lot of practice in, after all. So having a trickle of blood coming from her nose after a punch left her more than just a touch cross. 624 more words


Photon and Spark - Issue #1

Spark hovered over the city, uncertainty showing behind her mask. This was one of those turning points where you have to make a decision. Are you the hero or are you the villain? 607 more words


What makes a good rogues gallery

Ok, I think I’ve found the superhero with the best rogues gallery, in my opinion of course. Spider-Man, and not just because I grew up with him and he was my family’s favorite hero. 222 more words


Writing Prompt

Look up the meaning of your name and base a superhero or supervillain on it.

Happy Writing

Leandra and Gwen


Supervillain. This Galaxy Is Mine!

No more heroes any more.

Nobody knows where they’ve gone, but overnight the Galaxies Superheroes have all vanished; leaving the Supervillains free to squabble over the power vacuum. 222 more words


One Day I Saw A Robot

One day I saw a robot,
Who had a big square head,
As well as pointed rusted fangs,
And eyes glowing bright red,

He was quite a big robot, 122 more words