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Name That Trump!

A writer often searches for just the right word. Or name.

According to wikipedia, cartoonist Al Capp (Li’l Abner) liked to give his incidental characters names that rendered further description unnecessary. 101 more words


Because my fourth and final volume of my main series will have Biblical references, I will be drawing inspiration from the concept of the seraphim, which are six-winged angels. 34 more words

Sibling Rivalry

Janice stood by the food vendor’s open door. “One deep-fried candy bar for the lovely lady.” The vendor leaned out with a smile on her face. 936 more words


Meet The Squad: Jay

Jay is a theater nerd in the body of a software engineer. He’s a pirate dinosaur super villain detective- or so I’m told. He likes Sherlock, his unicorn spirit hood, things with American flags on them, movies, staying up unreasonably late, and maintaining the upper hand in relationships by aggressively ignoring feels. 70 more words


4 years of Trump? Maybe I can make a buck!

I can write (and maybe sell) more stories where my superheroine Holly Hansson battles Money Man, my Trump-based supervillain. He eats money: the larger the denomination, the more powerful he gets. 95 more words

Open Submission Call: The Supreme Archvillain Election Anthology


Prose Fiction Superhero Anthology

Den Warren, Publisher and Editor


Supervillains have been invited by the proto-villain, G-Force, and are all seated around the huge table at the old gothic hotel in an undisclosed location. 949 more words


Anti Villain

Lincoln walked to the bank and opened the door. His newly finished costume still had the new leather smell, and it carried to the guys he hired as muscle. 599 more words

Short Story