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27. Fire

Steve was not in the mood to be burned alive. He sat in the cage glumly and watched the pile of lumber in front of him. 959 more words


26. Librarian

Davy looked at the giant warehouse in front of him. There were no windows. Only massive door in the front.

He turned to Olivia. “How are we supposed to get in there?” he asked. 1,708 more words


Drabble: The Plans of a Supervillain

A response to the July prompt ‘plan’. FeaturesĀ the supervillain from Secret Inheritance andĀ Caught.

~The Plans of a Supervillain~

As an individual, wife, and mother, her plans were simple and straightforward. 178 more words


It's Good to be Bad!

Wonderwoman, Batman, Superman and Thor
Pop-Heroes aren’t invited, they’re a big bore
Tis a Super Hallow-eve for Villains with a flare
Enchantress, Mysterio, DarkNight roams our evil lair… 67 more words

25. Mother

Steve was once again out of the cage, tied up in the chair. The trio had returned and bound him again. Currently, Mouse and Bird were away somewhere. 1,607 more words


24. Penguin

The Runnin’ Gunner was nearly out of sight. Davy and Olivia had left the bar too see her running down the street. She was already several blocks away. 1,573 more words