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Golden Risotto

I got a shock when the dogs came in from their morning ablutions this morning. Big face dog, Bryn, was peppered in snow. I looked up from my bleary eyed coffee machinations, and it was indeed snowing. 534 more words


Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming

A relatively warm day (for winter) here in the Ottawa valley. Managed to get out and walk a bit after work.

For now, I’m nice and toasty and warm, and am getting ready for an evening of gaming with the Friday night group. 54 more words


Here is my latest, Berry Smoothie.
Is there really anything easier or tastier than a smoothie. You start with your base and just add about anything you like at all to it. 86 more words

Day 20 in 2017

Indonesian street night hawker

Ready to satisfy the crawling hunger

From fried rice to hot, brewed ginger

They’re here for dinner, or later for supper.


It's halfway through January and we're already behind...

It’s been a week since I cooked meal #2, and 2 weeks since I wrote a post. I am going to be better with this time management. 944 more words

Caitlin And Chrissy

Cheeky Spiced Pasty 'Irish style'

When it comes to feeding a busy household, I am all for saving time and making life a bit easier for the one on whom this vital task falls, but that does NOT include reaching for the telephone and calling the local takeaway!   1,421 more words

Cornish Pasty