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Spaghetti with Meatballs

I had this recipe in my head for a while.  I thought I was well prepared for it until disaster struck at around 7.30pm.  I was already running late that day with dinner preparations so I was not amused when I realised I ran out of tinned tomatoes AND fresh tomatoes apart from a big handful of cherry tomatoes (less than a cupful)! 392 more words

My Recipes


I had planned on spending all day yesterday working on my costume, but a power outage until after noon made that highly problematic. I couldn’t even cut out pattern or fabric pieces, since that requires a large, flat surface, and the only spot like that in my house was my basement floor — where there was no power for lights. 193 more words


Burnt Biscuits

Mama liked to cook breakfast for supper every now and then. 392 more words

Inspiration And Faith

Super Soup Supper: The Ultimate Dorm Meal & Tongue Twister

After my last obvious failure in cooking, I decided to try one more time in making a meal that would not only taste good but would be healthy and cheap. 261 more words

Tahini Parmesan Cauliflower; a perfect vegetarian supper...


One of the easiest vegetables to destroy. Take your eye off the prize for just a few moments and you’ll find yourself staring sadly at steaming piles of beige florets that wilt limply upon the gentlest of prods and prove equally offensive to both nose & tongue. 472 more words

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Tornado Potato

Last night, being a Sunday, dinner wasn’t a rushed affair between classes and extracurricular activities, which it definitely can be during the school week. I had the opportunity to try out a new recipe that I’d spotted on… 174 more words


Not Your Average Salad

Tonight’s supper: “Whatever’s in the fridge” salad. It was delicious.

Mixed greens, broccoli, rotisserie chicken, Granny Smith apple, peperoncini, balsamic vinaigrette, salt and pepper. 159 more words