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Six-Month Health Challenge Update, Weeks 2-4: Good. Lousy. Better?

Hello again, friends, thanks for checking in again this week, and a special thank you to those of you who are following! (If you’re new to this blog, … 1,156 more words

Autoimmune Diseases

What Happens While We Sleep

As the day goes on neurotransmitters (nerve signaling chemicals) control whether we are asleep or we are awake.  These neurotransmitters act on different neurons (nerve cells) in the brain.  643 more words


Ditch & Switch: Learn about Ningxia Products

Ditch & Switch: Exchange Your Current Chemically Filled Products for Healthier Options!

Ditch your chemical-filled fitness products and switch them for something better! Here are some examples of what you can ditch. 1,364 more words


Before You Reach For That Calcium Supplement...

Many women take a calcium supplement because they feel they ‘should’.  Because they’re over 50. Because they fear their bones will crumble if they don’t.  Their philosophy seems to be that the more calcium you get into you, the stronger your bones will be.  467 more words

Revici Selenium Cancer Treatment

The Doctor Who Cures Cancer

The Revici Method is an unconventional therapy for the treatment of cancer developed by Emanuel Revici, MD. Dr. Revici believed that pathologic conditions were due to a chemical imbalance within the body that could be modified using natural substance. 910 more words

Biological Medicine


(Gamma-Amino Butyric acid)

Gaba is a gamma neurotransmitter.

Remember that I am not a doctor. This is my research on another supplement that I take. Just for you concerned followers to understand why I have added this into my supplements. 414 more words


Supplement Spotlight: Ashwagandha

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