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The Birth and Death of the Price Tag

Brief Summary: Consumers often think that price is innate and not emergent. They don’t second guess the price tag and take it as it is. 331 more words

Planet Money

What Determines the Price of Oil

Brief Summary: In this episode of Planet Money host Robert Smith first asks the question why are gas prices so high? He then realizes that gas prices are affected by oil prices so that then pegs him to ask the question why oil prices are so high and what determines them. 225 more words

Planet Money

Why Uber Is an Economist’s Dream

Brief Summary: Determining a consumer surplus in the real world is without question a challenging task because it requires identification of the entire demand curve. Steve Levitt’s paper “USING BIG DATA TO ESTIMATE CONSUMER SURPLUS: THE CASE OF UBER” he attempts to determine what the Consumer Surplus is for Uber. 354 more words


Economic Myths #6 – Price Stability

One of the mandates that our economic lords and masters have arrogated for themselves is that of maintaining so-called price stability, a constant purchasing power of the monetary unit in our wallets. 955 more words


Emergent Order- Econ Talk

Brief Summary: How do languages emerge from nothing but yet are so organized? How do markets operate so efficiently on their own?  Why is it that people in large cities sleep peacefully, unworried about whether there will be enough bread or other necessities available for purchase the next morning? 314 more words

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Twiggy, Santos battle over gas developments

Original article by Perry Williams
The Australian – Page: 17 & 27 : 10-Jul-18

Macquarie has suggested that Santos could find it hard to secure New South Wales government approval for its Narrabri coal-seam gas project if Australian Industrial Energy builds an LNG import terminal. 69 more words


Natural gas price fluctuations between 2009 and 2017, analysis based on economic principles and events.

By J. Rafael Vicente de Araujo
BSc (Hons) Economics Student from S.P-Brazil

This article will analyse the natural gas price fluctuation between 2009 and 2017, as monthly spot price in USD per Million British Thermal Units, traded as NBP – National Balance Point – (Figure 1, 2017) while adopting economic principles and factual evidences associated to this industry to explain why and how those fluctuations affected the national and international markets. 1,360 more words