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We have made it easier to export

This is a sprint chock full of improvements based on popular customer requests including the ability to export a spreadsheet directly from our app. Previously, we sent an email whenever a user requested an export. 196 more words

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Lean operations and supply chain labor standards

How does lean operations interact with how workers are treated? That is the question behind an article in Stanford Business (Lean manufacturing benefits workers¬†and the bottom line… 486 more words

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What European pharmaceutical supply chains really look like?

Globalization of the pharmaceutical industry profoundly affects supply chain complexity and functioning.

Geographical distribution of pharmaceutical manufacturing and main markets, and major shipping routes. 

The map above shows major traffic routes, … 871 more words

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Do You Know Your Security Posture In Your Supply Chain?

Is your supply chain vulnerable to attack? The growth of the supply chain in business has been significant over the last several years. Why is that? 454 more words

The logistics of fulfilling holiday web orders

It’s the end of the year so it is clearly time to see what is up with how retailers are handling holiday logistics. A useful starting point is this graphic from the… 821 more words

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The Network of Networks: You Mean THE CLOUD

Today I spent on a project from 2013: Supply Chain Control Towers

Far greater minds than mine have defined Supply Chain Control Towers? There are many definitions but… 296 more words


The good and the bad of having a JIT inventory

If we think about the way different companies have been structured historically, we will find that many of the have always kept a vast inventory to supply the demands of their customers. 836 more words