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Achieving Logistics Sustainability Goals with the Assistance of a Transportation Management System

Today is Earth Day, and with the transportation and logistics industry relying on the enormous amount of diesel fuel each year, one of the most efficient ways for companies to reduce the amount of fuel they consume is to ensure that their trucks are always as full as possible, and their delivery routes are optimized. 23 more words


What Is A Transportation Management System?

Without a thorough understanding of what a Transportation Management System is, many logistics shippers are at a disadvantage in their continuous improvement journey for improving their supply chains. 22 more words


project44 announces $35 million in new funding

Earlier this week, Chicago-based project44, a technology services provider offering standardized, secure Web service API (application programming interfaces) integrations enabling 3PLs and shippers to connect with carriers in real time said it has continued to stay on a solid path for funding, having raised $35 million in new funding since closing a $10.5 million Series A investment of growth capital in September 2016. 22 more words


AAR reports another week of volume gains for U.S. carload and intermodal

Carloads headed up 1.6% annually to 258,123, and intermodal containers and trailers rose 6.9% compared to the same period a year ago at 276,075.

We’re sharing Racking and Storage Solutions from Latest Posts – Supply Chain 24/7{/exp:xml_encode} … 7 more words


Change Management

Concept of Change

Changes in organisation is both “inevitable and constant”. Few external reasons due to which change is inescapable are, “EU influences and social legislation”, political interests” (Mullins and Christy, 2016). 1,040 more words

Optimize Your Inventory Using Predictive Machine Learning

Here is a common scenario for large retailers that operate dozens or hundreds of stores across large geographic regions. They pour millions of dollars into safety stock, ostensibly to prevent out-of-stocks, but at the end of the day, it looks like all this extra stock is there just for the sake of maintaining perfect fill rates. 414 more words


CSX Back On Track: First-Quarter Profits Jump to $695 Million

After CSX Chief Executive James Foote undertook an “apology tour” to sell CSX’s shipping customers on the turnaround efforts, the company has doubled its net profit in the first quarter and showed big gains in its service performance. 23 more words