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Supply Chain Management 101

Supply Chain Management is the backbone of global trade and economic growth. It is the key to companies like Amazon and Walmart; and a strong enabler of future growth. 643 more words


Farm-To-Table: How Blockchain Tech Will Change The Way You Eat - Forbes Entrepreneurs #IfIOnlyKnew

By Larry Myler, Contributor      February 16, 2018

This is the third in a series on how blockchain tech is changing B2B value propositions and opening up new sales opportunities. 124 more words


Blockchain shipping tech firm CargoX raises $7mn in seven minutes in Initial Coin Offering - Supply Chain Digital

By James Henderson      February 16, 2018

The shipping technology start-up, CargoX, has raised $7mn in just seven minutes for its blockchain-based Bill of Lading platform. 87 more words

Blockchain Infrastructure

What Is Hashgraph Technology and How Is It Different From Blockchain?

Blockchain Technology brought a revolution in the field of digital remittances by bringing forth the most secure decentralized ledger to store data. It has long been the talk of every industry for its awe-inspiring features like security, efficiency, immutability and transparency. 618 more words

Continuous improvement is not an option.

“Continuous improvement dictates that everything you do is measured over time (Behaviour over time BOT) so that you can ensure that changes improve the business and don’t hinder it.” 371 more words

Supply Chain

Thoughts from DISTREE EMEA

This year there were 500+ participants in the flagship event, and the buzz was back. The focus was on new technology, and everyone attending the conference can feel good about where we are. 648 more words


Blockchain Economics 101 - Supply Chain Revolution

Been defrauded lately?

How do you know that the coffee you bought was actually a fair trade? How do you know if a masterpiece painting is a real or a fake? 513 more words