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5 Reasons Men Need Postpartum Groups Too!

I regularly attend monthly meetings for 4 different support groups (postpartum, breastfeeding, natural birth, and birth advocacy). I joined these groups after I had my first, and only, child. 496 more words


it's wednesday again!

it’s my favorite day of the week, guys!  turn up, turn up, turn up.

why am i in love with wednesdays? top secret! just kidding.  it’s cuz after class, i get to see my therapist and then i get to go to my favorite support group of the week.   193 more words

Color Blind: Perspectives From a Polka-dotted White Lady and Her Black Friend

How many times have you heard a person say, “I don’t care if someone is white, black, green, or polka-dotted, it’s who they are on the inside that counts.” Some people like to believe that skin color doesn’t matter and go so far as to claim that they don’t even see color. 1,038 more words


October 2015 Support Groups – Middle Peninsula & Northern Neck

October 12th; 11am
For Caregivers
Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury
132 Lancaster Drive
Irvington, VA 22489
No respite available.
Please call Ellie Galloway, 804-695-9382, for more information.

October 13th; 6pm… 211 more words


October 2015 Support Groups – Fredericksburg

October 6th; 10am
For Caregivers
Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center
2nd Floor Conference Room
4600 Spotsylvania Avenue
Fredericksburg, VA 22408
Please contact Lori Myers, 540-370-0835, for more information. 64 more words


October 2015 Support Groups – Richmond and Tri-Cities

October 1st; 6pm
For Caregivers
Good Shepherd Baptist Church
1127 N. 28th Street
Richmond, VA 23223
Please call Wanda Hunt, 804-305-8394, for more information.

October 5th; 10am… 411 more words


Underground Metanoia

A few days ago on Fresh Air Terry Gross interviewed Lutheran pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber. This image came to mind during the interview while Bolz-Weber was describing how, in some instances, perhaps more often than we’re inclined to believe, church basements are where things are really happening.

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